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Theo Dimishky

Business Development Director - Wifirst

Well-connected resorts lead to happier guests and increased revenue

Resorts offer a variety of amenities for guests to enjoy. But one thing all guests want is a memorable holiday for all the right reasons. Some prefer to switch off and enjoy all that nature offers, while others may want to share experiences through social media or relax with a movie on Netflix. Offering fast, reliable WiFi connectivity is a great way to improve feedback, create loyalty, and increase revenue.

About Theo Dimishky

Theo has a background spanning over 20 years of experience in technology, working with some of the industry’s largest blue-chip organisations. Aside from an inherent love for all things tech, for over 15 years, he has helped the hospitality industry ensure that the technology invested in produces excellent ROI, exceeds customer expectations and enhances guest satisfaction. Having worked closely with many brands and independents over the years, Theo is passionate about providing service excellence and always strives to ensure customer’s needs are met if not exceeded.