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Sarah Ward

Transition from plastic to paper and other alternatives for the food and beverage sector.

Speaker and Judge 2019

Brief overview of trends in the packaging sector and how our clients and their consumers are driving the transition and innovation. Using practical examples and testimonials and giving an opportunity for audience to ask questions.

About Sarah Ward

Sarah has worked in packaging for 22 years and there isn’t any element of the business she has not been involved with at some time. As a keen foodie and with some of the largest bakery chains and several independent farm shop and deli clients in her portfolio, she is on top of developments in the foos sector and regularly participates in forums and working parties with many of our membership clients in the food sector. This covers the butchery, fish, farm shop and deli, coffee and hot beverage stakeholders. Recent product transitions include a move away from ‘bag for life’ to paper bags or bags made from recycled plastic bottles that are tackling the issue of the plastics already in the chain. Driving packaging to be sustainable, reusable, environmentally friendly and meets the consumer and clients expectations is her key driver.