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Roger Hammond Boddy

Satellite: the Unseen Answer to Fast Broadband

In the next five years we are expecting to see 20,000 satellites launched into earth orbit. The seminar addresses pros and cons of this planned expansion (we currently have 1,500 satellites in orbit) and the impact of “mega -constellations” on the delivery of low latency superfast broadband for the Internet of things and rural blackspots; access to deep space (both by telescope and satellite) and the risk of it all becoming unmanaged spacejunk.

About Roger Hammond Boddy

Roger Boddy has been involved in the satellite industry since its inception in the sixties. He is a fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology and has held senior representative roles at board level in the public and private sectors of his challenging industry. He set up Global Teleports from scratch in 1998 and has developed it to be a major player in the delivery of IP based telecommunications service to a global audience. An active member of OFCOM’s satellite consultative Committee, Roger is engaged in the analysis of the commercial and environmental impact of the launch of huge constellations of small satellites that promised to deliver superfast broadband services to a global audience and through his work with the Engineering Mathematics Science & Technology Association (“EMSTA”) is a major promoter of STEM based careers for young people.