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Michele Sims

Increasing health; wellbeing; income for sites while considering sustainability and self sufficiency.

Focusing on discussing efficient materials that can also be sustainable and consider the health and wellbeing of the user.
Michele will share her thoughts on how you can add to your site, with the intention of increasing your revenue and creating a unique experience.

About Michele Sims

Konshush Design, a unique Interior Design Studio creating spectacular modern environments that are sustainable, functional and elegant to help increase income on your site.
We firmly believe that designers have a responsibility for shaping the world, with a focus on sustainability and the practical but effective use of space: it is this which sets us apart from other designers.

Michele has a diverse education / experience from a HND in 3DD to an MA / dip arch from Oxford Brookes this has allowed her to develop skills that consider not only the Interiors but also the Architectural aspects, working on schemes for the MOD; Spas; Hospitality and Leisure Industry.

Konshush was founded as there is a need for design to be more responsible, hence the name which being the phonetic spelling of conscious (kon.shush).

Konshush Design: we are conscious of the impact of design on our wellbeing: are you?