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Martin Andrew

Become ‘Height Aware’ or risk losing the ever growing family

Some 20% of the population are over 5’11”. Put a tall teenager in a short bed and the ever growing tall minority won’t want to return. The family goes elsewhere and for a simple lack of consideration, profits suffer. Martin provides low cost considerations to improve the enjoyment of larger families and ensure that the tall teenagers and parents come back for another year. ‘Show you care, be height aware!’

About Martin Andrew

Martin Andrew at just over 6ft has spent the last 50 years in several different industries from being a helicopter engineer through an intensive period generating leading technical software solutions to the more sedate occupation as a Master Saddle Fitter. In all of these trades his analytical work ethic has allowed him to identify solutions that others have either ignored or simply missed.

Unsurprisingly, he has spent most of that time suffering some of the issues that tall people face on a daily basis. One of his pet hates is short beds, or worse, short beds with metal bedsteads that he has to thread his feet through. A few years back, he with his wife Kris, invented a device. The PillowShelf could fit any divan bed to temporarily extend the length of the bed by slotting at the head of the bed under the pillows where the join won’t be felt. One of his companies, Bedstretch, manufacture and sell this wonder product across the UK.

During the process of talking to accomodation providers and for obvious reasons, groups of tall individuals, he has documented a pattern of issues which affect tens of thousands of people in relation to periods away in hotels, inns, resorts and even with relatives. A key point here is that few people complain about these issues, they just avoid returning to sites where their discomfort was ignored, and as such accomodation providers fail to realise that there is a problem.

Martin is fast becoming a leading advocate on ‘height awareness’, and the next few years will bring this long ignored group of above average individuals into our inclusive new world. Martin is pushing the slogan, ‘show you care, be height aware’ out to more and more establishments and would hope that given 30 minutes of your time, he can impart a list of simple to adopt free or low cost measures which will transform your accomodation experience for the taller individuals, especially their tall teenagers, who we want to come back again next year.