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Klaus Sommer Paulsen: Speaking at the Family Attraction Expo

Klaus Sommer Paulsen

Navigating the Future of Integrated Storytelling

We are often told that the magic begins with the story. However, as technology and media advance and the role of the audience is changing from passive observation to active participation, storytelling and the experiences they are the basis for, are in a state of evolution. Both the story and the experience are more than they used to be and far more than the sum of their parts. They combine to become non-linear, interactive, transmedia, social media and co-created memorable and shareable moments. During this talk, we will explore how the evolution of Integrated Storytelling present attractions with valuable opportunities for driving, engaging and entertaining audiences as well as adapting to not having complete control of your narrative anymore.

This talk can be seen as a stand-alone presentation or in combination with the “Designing the Convergence of Before, During and After with Integrated Storytelling” presentation Thursday at 12:30 in Theatre 12.

About Klaus Sommer Paulsen

Klaus Sommer Paulsen is CEO & Founder of AdventureLAB, an integrated storytelling and experience design studio based in Denmark that works with attractions, destinations and other experiential brands and spaces.

In his daily work, Klaus brings together decades of experience from various disciplines in marketing, entertainment, design and development that are applied with a genuinely holistic mindset of “whatever it takes to make it work”. The anchoring point of it all is the heart of the story and the experience, and the connection between the two.

Klaus has spoken and lectured on many occasions about the new narrative dimensions and themed experiences to be explored and achieved with Integrated Storytelling. Furthermore, he is the editor and contributor for an upcoming book on New Screens and Beyond The Screen disciplines.

Klaus is active on several boards, including Themed Entertainment Association’s International Board Of Directors.