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Dr Evangelos Petropoulos

Towards 2020: the Guidelines for a Sustainable Aqueous Environment

From the 1st of January 2020, all septic tanks need to comply with the Environment Agency’s General Binding Rules. This highlights the importance of maintaining our water resources in the best possible quality, and practically that every existing septic tank that currently discharges directly to surface water must be replaced, upgraded and/or re-direct its effluent. At this new era where effluent discharge permits are required we will extensively cover what the options and the environmental implications are and evaluate all alternatives. Case studies will be and the potential returns will be presented, so the audience understand the potential benefits of this regulatory mean to our everyday lives.

About Dr Evangelos Petropoulos

A versatile engineer with extensive international experience working both in Europe and Asia (Greece, Spain, UK, China) at an academic and industrial level, Dr Petropoulos is an expert in the field of water, wastewater and environmental bio-engineering and biotechnology. He has conducted significant research and development into waste and wastewater treatment systems for sufficient removal of organic pollutants and nutrients from both municipal and industrial wastewater streams. A regular invited speaker at international and national conferences, and co-inventor of a bio-reactor patent; he has released numerous publications in international peer-reviewed journals focusing in wastewater, waste and agricultural engineered ecosystems.