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Colin Day

An Overview of HSG282, Water Testing and Legionella

The seminar will take a look at the requirements of the Health and Safety Executive Guideline HSG282. It will especially focus on: what the guideline means to the operator, the responsibilities for daily water testing and recording the results, microbiogical testing when and how, reducing the risk of legionella and how regular testing can be carried out to enhance safety

About Colin Day

Colin is well known in the leisure industry as one of the leading experts in the testing of swimming pool and hot tub water. Having been part of the Lovibond team for the past 15 years he is passionate about improving the standard of testing throughout the industry as this in turn enhances bather comfort and safety. Poor water testing practices can lead to poor water quality. He has written many articles on all aspects of water testing, is a regular speaker at the annual SPATEX Exhibition and runs training workshops on water testing covering everything from taking the sample through to recording the results. Colin is also a Council Member, Fellow and Past President of the Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers, a member of the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG) Council and represents Lovibond on the PWTAG Manufacturers Forum