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Calum Macleod: Speaking at the Family Attraction Expo

Calum Macleod

CEO - Glampitect

How to set up a Glamping site

Starting a glamping business can be challenging; why not learn how to do it from somebody who owns 2 flourishing glamping sites and has worked on over 400 more? Calum is the leading glamping industry expert and will discuss setting up a glamping site from beginning to end.

About Calum Macleod

Glamping industry leader Calum MacLeod, CEO of Glampitect has set up the most profitable glamping businesses in the UK. His position includes dealing with sales, design, marketing, and educating clients about how to begin their glamping journey. Calum MacLeod has master’s degree with distinction in Electrical Engineering and is currently living in Dubai, with upcoming significant projects. Driven by determination, he takes pride in providing the most outstanding results possible. As a CEO, his goals include larger-scale glamping sites and become an internationally renowned business. Today Glampitect has been recognized as one of the fastest glamping companies to nurture over 400 projects within the last two years. At the age of 28, Calum has established himself as a leading entrepreneur in the glamping world, steaming from his extraordinary commitment to being the best and most profitable glamping sites in the UK and beyond.