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Anna Littler

Anna Littler

Creative Director, RentaDinosaur
United Kingdom

Anna Littler Biography

Anna Littler, Creative Director of Rentadinosaur, lives to put smiles on faces. Known for her mad marketing ideas, catchy dino songs, unique and original Dino Shows, our Anna Saurus has entertained pop idols and presidents, as well as some of the poorest people in the world. In between feeding and walking the dinosaurs, Anna devotes her time to creating funny, memorable, educational experiences, and top quality events. Writer of the brand new musical: ‘Jurassica Spectacular’ and the famous ‘Floss with a Velociraptor’ song! Chris Coulson, Managing Director, Chief Techie and Dino nerd, founded Rentadinosaur 8 years ago, before Dinosaur events were a ‘thing’ - one of the first in the UK. Together, with several decades of experience in marketing, business and the creative industries, we are the innovators and designers of many of the dinosaurs that are now available, and we have the largest walking Stegosaurus in the world!



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