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Toby Hester

What Brands Want From Partnerships With You?

Commercial revenues are becoming more and more diverse as attractions, events and venues seek to grow profitability away from direct consumer impacting income streams.

At the same time Brands are seeking to associate and impact hard to reach audiences through emotional experiences that are indelible in the hearts and minds of its consumers. But do these industries marketing and commercial teams really understand what brands want?

Toby Hester CEO of Sponsorship Coach and industry elected Director of the European Sponsorship Association has spent 30 years working with brands like BP, Coca-Cola and T-Mobile where he massed vast knowledge and understanding of how to connect consumers to brands using sponsorship, brand partnerships and experiential marketing.

In his session at Family Attraction Expo he’ll share what brands want from relationships with rights holders and how to connect with the right people often within complex businesses.

About Toby Hester

As a former professional footballer and American Footballer, Toby Hester began his business career as a highly accomplished salesman and sales trainer in media before walking the streets of Skelmersdale, Hull and Derby trying to sell sponsorship for British Baseball Teams for a leading sports marketing consultancy in London. Some 30 years on and he has worked at the premium ends of the sponsorship industry in positions at Coca-Cola, BP and T-Mobile, not to mention agency, rights holder and currently business education.

His journey has given him lead roles in connecting brands to consumers and B2B customers exploiting some of the biggest sports events in the world such as FIFA World Cup’s & UEFA Euro’s, Formula1, Olympics and the Tour de France. His proudest projects however have been a little down the food chain working experientially in major cities across Europe using events, attractions and events to connect with audiences for both brand build and commercial returns.

As a Director of ESA and a globally re-known speaker, Toby uses his unique sales and sponsorship expertise to coach and train businesses and individuals from across partnership and sponsorship sectors in how to connect with brands and audiences. He is also a frequent opinionator for BBC World TV News, advisor to the European Assembly Committee on Arts, Culture and Media and is an active member of The Sports Integrity Group.