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Playpen balls

Euro Matic Stand information: FA146
  • Playpen balls
  • Playpen balls
  • Playpen balls
Playpen balls Playpen balls Playpen balls

Our Euro-Plus™ Playpen Balls are of a quality that is recognised as the industry standard throughout the world. Due to a Patented blend of FDA approved materials we manufacture to TUV certification.

Never taking this for granted we randomly select samples from production and compression test them to 50% of their diameter. This creates a tougher environment than any ball pool will ever experience. The balls are expected to survive at least 20,000 compressions. The strength and survivability of Euro-Plus™ Playpen Balls are second to none.

Because of our strict quality control and rigorous testing procedures, we are confident to offer a two year guarantee against splitting or breaking under normal use – but you can expect them to last much, much longer.

  • Ball type: EURO+Plus™
  • Ball size: 75mm diameter
  • Unit Quantity: 500
  • Colour: Over 20+ different colours
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