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22 Sep 2023

Payter Contactless Device - P66 & Apollo

E-Service (Europe) Ltd Stand information: FA346

One Platform

Multiple Solutions

One Unique Payment Platform which comes in different form factors creating a flexible solution for all environments and Vending Machines supporting many payment scheme’s in one device. The P6 series is designed for unattended points of sale, such as Food or Soda vending machines, carwash stations, parking machines etc. As Vending Machines come in many different sizes and shapes, the P6 platform comes in various designs to offer the best solution for every situation.


A cashless payment terminal that fits your needs? Payter has a wide selection of terminals to suit many different unattended payment situations. We are happy to help you to find the right terminal and help you manage your business more efficiently by supplying cutting edge hardware technology along with a suite of in-house developed software solutions.

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