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Net Sacks

Euro Matic Stand information: FA146
  • Net Sacks
  • Net Sacks
  • Net Sacks
Net Sacks Net Sacks Net Sacks

Euro-matic Net Sacks are manufactured to our own specifications in a lightweight but strong Raschel woven design complete with draw string.

When used for storage or transportation Net Sacks offer a very light and durable solution for approximately 700 Playpen Balls that will not tear or rip so there are no risks of spillages.

When used for washing they are designed to hold 500 balls loosely for cleaning with a non-toxic detergent. The drawstring can be used to hang them up to facilitate air drying and ready again for use.

  • Description: Woven Raschel Net Sacks / Wash Bags
  • Size: 145cm x 90cm
  • Capacity: Holds approximately 700 Balls
  • Colour: Green

They are a must-have with any Playpen or Therapy Ball Purchase.

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