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22 Sep 2023

MyCheckr - Anonymous age estimation & digital advertising

E-Service (Europe) Ltd Stand information: FA346


Digital Advertising


• Utilise MyCheckr screen to display appropriate adverts

• Cost effective digital signage

• Can be targeted by gender and/or age

• Privacy assured (NO images or personal data stored)

• Save on printed signage and free up valuable retail space 


Consumer Analytics


• Collect anonymous demographic data

• Effective customer segmentation

• Categorise consumer groups and analyse effectiveness of targeted market campaigns  

• Effective marketing technique driven by AI technology


Presentation Attack Detection (PAD)


PAD is designed to identify a valid face and reject any invalid faces such as a photo, video, 3D models, or any substitute for a live person’s face.



• Single-image passive liveness detection

• Trained and tuned our own neural networks using extensive data samples

• Instant real-time results

• Non-intrusive  


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