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Click Machine Management System

Playsafe Systems Stand information: FA188

The Playsafe team is looking forward to exhibiting at the upcoming Family Attractions Show on 15-16 November 2023.  

Playsafe will show its new Click machine management system, which has seen considerable new functionality added since its last showing. “Playsafe is now installing Click into several UK venues and the system now features pretty much everything an operator would want, including TITO and redemption management. There is a great deal of interest from arcade operators,” says Iain Lunt, Sales and Commercial Manager.

Scott Roberts from Oasis Amusements in Hemsby is one customer who is enjoying the benefits of the Click system. He says, “My previous management system had too much functionality for me. With Click I am finding some of the tasks I need to do – such as adding a new machine – is so much easier. I can do it quickly without having to call Playsafe for advice and assistance.”

Scott has 52 machines connected to the Click system at his arcade and over 30 of them are also have TITO functionality.

“What I really enjoy about using Click is that I can see right away what each machine is taking – live, on the hour. It’s simple to navigate and I know how to find the information I need to make better operating decisions,” he adds.

Scott is planning to go away for a well-earned break in a few weeks and looks forward to being able to keep up with his business remotely. “To be able to log in and see how things are going is a real benefit when I haveto be away from the arcade. I look forward to eventually having the same functionality from my phone,” he says.

Another great benefit of the system is the flexibility of pre-collection. “There are no data downloads, I can see what notes I have in what machines, if I have to top up my PayStation, I can take some cash from a machine, make a note of it on the system and it will all tie up later on. It saves me having to do a full collection, which I really appreciate. All in all, I am very pleased with Click – it does what I need,” he says.

If you are interested to see what Click could do for your arcade business then why not come and have a demonstration on the Playsafe Systems stand

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