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Turning your car park into a Power Station

Solar CarParking turns the empty space above the vehicles in your carpark into a clean green power station.

Inside2Outside have recently installed a solar powered car parking hub at the end of the M4, in Cross Hands, South Wales.

This installation combines solar power generation, battery energy storage and electric vehicle charging under one roof, made up from Solar PV panels, providing an attractive, well lit area to charge electric vehicles, while protecting the user from the extremes of the Welsh weather, allowing them to make use of the adjacent coffee and café facilities, while their car are being refuelled with clean green power for their carbon free onwards travel.

Adding overall energy management systems and keeping the local network within a DC micro grid allows for the efficient direction of the clean green power to its most effective use, whether for electric vehicle charging, powering the local attractions themselves, or just to brewing the coffee, as the customer’s needs change during the day.

Depending upon the size of your car park (and your site power needs), it may be possible to provide all your site power requirements, without taking up any of your sites remaining useable areas.

Inside2Outside Ltd have been designing, manufacturing and installing structures – principally tensile membrane structures, for over 30 years.  For the last 15 years, we have been integrating solar PV panels into our structures, to allow our customers to take advantage of the sunlight hitting the structures during the day to produce clean green energy for use within the structures – and within the wider customer premises.

More recently, we have designed the most cost effective way to use the empty space above the vehicles in car parks to collect clean green energy from the sun for use within the customers site.

This allows the customer to visibly demonstrate their commitment to reducing site CO2 production and to caring for the wider environment.

As the use of electrically powered vehicles increases, your customers will be looking for the ability to charge their vehicles while using your attraction. Demonstrating that this power is coming predominantly from the sun provides a double incentive for ecologically minded customers to select your attraction.

Of course, car parks can only be used as solar farms where they are not shaded by trees and other structures adjacent to the parking space.  Where this does occur, the integration of solar PV panels into alternative structures around your site such as the solar covered walkway shown.

Integrating solar power generation into your new structures – canopies, shelters and walkways and dedicated structures for dining or entertainment could become part of your overall message of caring for our environment.



COMPANY NAME:  Inside2Outside Ltd

URL:  www.inside2outside.co.uk

EMAIL:  robert.carpenter@inside2outside.co.uk

PHONE:  01480498297