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Disc Golf takes flight across the Country!

Gillys Disc Golf – Stratford Upon Avon

In 2019 Matt Gillespie of Gilly’s Disc Golf decided to produce a Disc Golf course in hie family’s woodland North of Stratford Upon Avon in Warwickshire.  

Change of use planning permission was agreed in late 2020 and work started in January 2021.  The course opened its doors in June 2021 and has proven a massive hit already with the local community, tourists and the bourgeoning Disc Golf scene. 

As an outdoor sport with little impact on the land and appealing to all demographics it ticked all the planning permission boxes for change of use. 

Matt has been delighted to see his family’s previously inaccessible woodland opened up for all to enjoy and being able to provide a much needed outdoor activity to the local community. 

Future expansion is planned to produce a course capable of handling international events bringing players in from all over the world. 


Fairways Family Golf – Reading

Reading Golf Club with the challenges facing golf in recent years took the difficult decision to move to a new site.  

Part of the plan was for half of the old site to be developed for housing and for the other half to produce a golf centre introducing the local community to Golf and golf sports as Fairways Family Golf.  One of the proposed new sports was Disc Golf. 

In 2020 Disc Golf UK went into partnership with Fairways as part of Disc Golf UK’s Membership Scheme effectively providing the course equipment and design of the course for free.  

An 18 hole course opened in May 2020 which has already been rated on Disc Golf review sites as the top course in the country has been developed on 9 of the old golf holes playing alongside golf and footgolf.  Alongside the 18 is a family friendly 9 hole course. 

To date Disc Golf has been the most popular and well used of the three golf sports at Fairways and is growing rapidly. 


Cotswold View Disc Golf Course – Charlbury

In 2017 Jane Ford met Disc Golf UK at the Family Attraction Expo and decided to install a course in the woodland attached to their award winning caravan and camping site in Oxfordshire. 

Originally planning a 9 hole beginner course, Richard Hatton from Disc Golf UK quickly recognised it’s potential to be something more and in July 2018 an 18 hole competition course with two separate layouts and a 9 hole beginner course was opened.  

The course quickly became a player favourite driving footfall to the campsite and the on site restaurant and the beginners course has been an absolute hit with the campers and a given reason for many rebookings of the site.  

Local schools are now using the course as part of their curriculum and many new players have been created in the local community. 

Since Disc Golf UK started in 2014 they have installed courses in a huge range of different sites from beaches to activity centres, farmland to mountains.  Disc Golf can fit anywhere and brings a new and varied footfall to other facilities on site or will work as a standalone activity generating a reliable income with very little maintenance or upkeep required. 



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