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Bring your outdoor spaces to life

Breathe new life into your outdoor spaces to encourage your customers to eat, drink, and relax in safe and caring environments. 

Vestre has manufactured beautiful, inclusive, and durable urban furniture for almost 75 years. We have extensive experience of helping to create social meeting places for millions of people around the world, in every imaginable environment, from the West coast of Norway to the parks of Los Angeles.

Post-Covid recovery

The Covid-19 pandemic has completely transformed the way we live, and every aspect of our lives has been impacted, including how we approach the design of our external environments. Visitor destinations are no different and every inch of external space now needs to be put to work to sustain a healthy future where social distancing is facilitated and visitors’ wellbeing is supported. As businesses urgently seek to make the most of their outdoor spaces, proposals will require expertise, thoughtful planning, and financial investment, if they’re to stand the test of time and not require replacement in just a few years. 

Creating caring meeting places

Since the duration of these interventions may be unknown right now, our choices need to be as flexible as possible to allow for rapidly shifting scenarios. 

Larger tables and benches, single seats, and back-to-back layouts are becoming more prevalent as all allow some distancing to take place without compromising our desire to gather and enjoy each other’s company again. Modular arrangements that allow for unconventional seating arrangements where people can choose how they sit – side on, face-to-face, or back-to-back – are also being seen more and more. And conventional loose café style furniture that can be moved around to suit differing group sizes (and follow the sun) is as popular as ever.

Spending time outdoors is known to be the healthiest choice we can make at the moment so encouraging customers to dwell longer will be key. This can be supported by providing comfortable, ergonomically designed furniture and ensuring accessibility for all through the provision of backrests, armrests, differing seat heights, and considerate positioning for inclusive access by wheelchair users.

Timber seating will always win on comfort, whatever the weather, as it remains cool in summer and warm in winter. Smooth oiled finishes will ensure water doesn’t sit on the surface so that furniture can be used in all weather. 

A sustainable outlook…

A final plea: we shouldn’t forget that we’re in the midst of a climate emergency and that must be front of mind through every procurement decision. Key to sustainability is the selection of products that have a very lengthy design life, through the inclusion of high quality, durable materials. This approach ensures that the impact on the environment is minimised and if a product’s whole life carbon (and cost) can be apportioned over, say, 30 years, its annual impact will be tiny compared to one that might be replaced after only 2, 5, or 10 years of use. 


So please, Think Local Act Global.





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