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Over the past year, Eastern Extinguishers products have enabled an impressive over £1 million cost saving and 56% average inventory reduction across NHS sites so far! Cost savings are especially important during this current crisis not just for the NHS but for all businesses and organisations and Eastern Extinguishers are extremely pleased that they could help achieve these outcomes for several prestigious NHS Trusts such as, Guys & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, Chelsea & Westminster NHS FT, and University Hospitals Dorset NHS FT to name but a few. Alongside the NHS, they have helped save numerous other businesses and organisations substantial costs and have been able to offer them other great benefits. Eastern Extinguishers have saved Marston’s Pubs £1 million in costs and have significantly reduced costs for other businesses including, Wren Kitchens, B&Q, The Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust, PepsiCo, Sindles Farm, The British Library, Atomic Weapons Establishment and so many more!

Fire safety training is an essential requirement for any business, it is important to protect staff, visitors, service users and property. It is also a legal obligation. The P50 fire extinguishers can be serviced by a member of your own team supported by Eastern Extinguishers who provide full accredited training, remotely or in person, and access to their bespoke online Extinguisher Management System (EMS).

This system stores all the information about your extinguishers including, building, location, serial number, as well as the size and type of extinguisher. The EMS software provides a fully secure audit system for all extinguishers on site and sends out reminders to designated individuals when inspections are due. All inspection results are then stored and protected with the most advanced security protocols. This is especially beneficial to holiday parks and the leisure sector as our products eliminate the need for external contractors who would need access to the site(s) to service your steel extinguishers, negating social distancing issues, and therefore, saving substantial time and costs! 

Did you know?

  • A fire can destroy a tent in less than 60 seconds. 

  • In England, on average 27,000 fires are started on grass, heathland, and moorland every year. This is an average of 73 fires every day!

  • On average 360 fires per year occur in caravans 

These fires caused serious disruption to businesses and services, put people at risk, and resulted in large financial costs. The P50 fire extinguishers will help in reducing this financial cost, should a fire break out. The foam P50 extinguisher is 3x more effective in putting out a fire than a conventional foam extinguisher. This means that Eastern Extinguishers P50 fire extinguishers are safer and more effective in tackling fires. Moreover, the innovative P50 fire extinguishers meet the highest legal and safety standards. They are fully compliant with the Regulatory Reform Order (RRO) and are accredited with the highest safety credentials, including, EN3, BSI, Apragaz and MED approvals.  

Steel fire extinguishers come in different shapes, sizes, and colours. Each type of fire extinguisher is specifically designed to tackle a certain type of fire. However, the multi-risk foam P50 fire extinguisher can be used on Class A (flammable solids), Class B (flammable liquids) and electrical fires, preventing the confusion of choosing between different types of extinguishers, should they need to be used. Craig Wright, Director of Eastern Extinguishers describes a situation that led a well-known, prestigious company to approach Eastern Extinguishers to have P50’s installed across their sites, “We were recently approached by a well-known, global company after a dangerous incident took place in one of their offices whereby, an electrical fire broke out and a member of their staff picked up the nearest extinguisher to them and this happened to be a steel water fire extinguisher. Luckily, for the member of staff this did not result in any serious injuries, however, this could have been extremely dangerous. Our foam P50 eliminates this risk of confusion and risk of injury as it has been certified for use on class A, B and electrical fire up to 1000 volts!”. This is particularly important in a public setting where an untrained person may need to use the extinguisher in the event of a fire. This multi-risk capability also means that typically 40% fewer units are required, therefore taking up less space in busy or smaller areas such as, corridors, canteens, shepherds huts or yurts.

Additionally, climate change has serious implications for our health and our planet, and this is already playing out in real time. Many businesses aim to become carbon net zero and Eastern Extinguishers fire safety product can help businesses work towards this with its state-of-the-art P50 fire extinguishers. They were one of the first to innovate the fire extinguisher and have eliminated the five-yearly waste of steel extinguishers. With a 20-year guarantee, the P50 products are longer lasting and highly durable. They are also built using low energy and clean manufacturing processes, guaranteeing environmental peace of mind!



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