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Electric power, it’s a hot topic and rightly so. There’s no reason why transportation shouldn’t be predominantly all electric in the next ten years, but you need the right products to make that a reality which is where STAR EV steps in. 

Distributor Reesink e-Vehicles is bringing a comprehensive range of 28 lithium and sealed battery-powered utility vehicles to the UK market and a selection of those will be on stand at the show. Leading technology, world-class innovation, breadth of range, strong value proposition and peak performance, STAR EV has it all.  

Reesink e-Vehicles, sales manager Dave French who will be at the event says: “We could tell there was a growing customer focus on reducing fuel consumption with an interest and need for greener, cleaner utility vehicle options. Last year we launched the first industry-leading all-electric greensmower for golf courses and sports stadiums and the first all-electric compact tractor into the agricultural and landscape sector. 

“Wherever you are and whatever sector you’re in, the ability to work more quietly, earlier and for longer will be an advantage. There simply has to be the choice to buy electric and we identified a choice gap in the market for a comprehensive range of electric utility vehicles.”

It’s no surprise that STAR EV has taken North America by storm. All the small, medium and large capacity electric UTVs for transporting 4–22 people or carrying materials have the following in common: rapid charge, a good mileage per charge, an extensive warranty – up to six years – along with the usual no more emissions and no more pollution stance. 

Decision-makers and procurement officers will note the fact that the work machine model is road-legal for city use in food delivery applications, around compounds such as Ministry of Defence sites and prisons, and in retail and warehouse sites, among many, wherever there’s the need to move anything, product or person, from A to B in the efficient and green way, the range from STAR EV is it. 

There’s so much choice within the range, alongside the option to configure vehicles to the exact requirements for the job. The Capella series for example has six different utility box upgrades, two bed lengths, optional doors and two or four passenger capacity. In all the models, comfort is paramount. 

Electric-powered technology is a fundamental part of the transport future, already growing rapidly, and the arrival of STAR EV in the UK offers customer more choice than ever before. Pop along to stand 6180 to find out more!



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