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Always open, with Virtual Reality!

Grow your opportunities with virtual reality

Research conducted with participants from across the UK, US and India; revealed that more than 66 % have actually already taken a digital tour and almost 58 % have already taken a 360° virtual video tour! Further to this, nearly 32 % of participants said that they would use virtual reality (VR) to research information for their future physical trips. 

Now more than ever, it seems that travellers are open to the evolution of travel as an integration of their physical and digital worlds. This has led us to believe that the new normal for tour operators could mean offering customers even greater value, by embracing the power of virtual reality. This could also maximise brand awareness and earning potential, whilst minimising their carbon footprint.

Mohit Batra from Compass Connexions in Delhi NCR is one such tour operator. Mohit has over two decades of experience in tourism marketing and chose to partner with Virtually Visiting to take his business to new heights. 

Mohit says that “Virtually Visiting adds to yet another dimension of travel that is unique. Creating Virtual tours for domestic and global travellers not only sounds exciting but a brilliant opportunity for us to reach a varied segment of travel enthusiasts. Seldom can one think of a travel product that is as versatile as this.”

“It inspires a traveller both to add or delete from a bucket list or choose his favourite experiences to do amongst a choice of several activities at the destination. Virtual Travel may futuristically become a lifestyle or rather a requirement for sustainable and green travel. For others who are not able to travel, for whatever reasons, may yet have an opportunity to virtually visit or feel as close as being there. This innovation and inclusiveness was inspiring and enough for me to believe in VV and its future. I am so fortunate to have been a part of this journey from its inception."

With regards to the growth of his business, Mohit adds that they can “…clearly see the opportunity it offers for us to be a part of VV's success and growth, in return our own. Our ready infrastructure in India can be put to good use for VV’s expansion in the region. It has allowed us to be innovative and wear our thinking hats to deliver high quality content for both domestic and global audiences. We are also super excited to work along with a professional and fun international team that is ever so positive and energised. I am very pleased that this initiative provides us with the opportunity to highlight both the heritage and culture of our country along with the small local businesses or artisans that deserve some limelight.”

The possibilities are endless!

Harnessing the power of 360° VR video means that a physical tour, filmed once, could be purchased and enjoyed thousands of times online. You could welcome guests in the off-seasons, sell your tours all year round, and give tours while you sleep – without any extra costs involved.




COMPANY NAME: Virtually Visiting