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Disc Golf is booming!

The fastest growing sport in the world grew even faster during the pandemic.

As a naturally socially distanced sport the uptake has left manufacturers around the world overwhelmed with production and working all hours to supply the demand.

Just 10 years ago Disc Golf in Finland was around the same size as the current level in the UK.

In 2020 25% of the adult population in the country participated in the sport. In 10 years the sport went from little known to the most widely played past time. It’s truly incredible and testament to its low cost and accessible to all nature. It fits in with governments and councils health agendas to boot!

In the US, the sports birthplace, courses were at full capacity throughout the country and the top player in the world signed a new $10 Million Dollar contract (yes you read that right!) with his core sponsor.

It’s now played in nearly all countries worldwide and there are even two permanent courses in Antarctica!

Here in the UK
During 2018/19 Growth in the UK was already moving fast helped by superb new Disc Golf UK course installations around the country and inclusion into more and more schools helping to open the sport up to a wider audience. The cancellation of team sports last year accelerated Disc Golf to incredible new levels. Demand for Starter Sets outsripped traditional sales by a magnitude of 5 to 1.

What’s needed to continue this growth are new well supported courses all around the country. With courses taking little maintenance and driving  large revenue streams through green fees, incidental spend, retail sales and encouraging a diverse footfall to landowners they’re a superb low cost

Courses have been developed in all sorts of different venues in the last year from Glamping sites, to Private Woodlands to schools to activity centres, to golf courses and now it’s in the Forestry commission as well.

The future for Disc Golf is bright!