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Virtual Reality vs. Old School Games: is New or Old Better?

Virtual reality technology is growing, and is predicted to keep growing as the twenties progress. That said, we can’t forget where we began; in the world of old school games. From console games to PC games, original gaming has inspired the industry since its growth during the 90s.

With changes in the industry not halting anytime soon, the question is whether old school games are becoming redundant. As lovers of entertainment in all forms, we want to prove to you that VR and traditional gaming both remain big contenders. Find out more, here...

This green Game Boy color is one of the first portable gaming tools, and is the epitome of old school games

What is Virtual Reality? 

With 2019 a solid year of growth for VR, the market is expected to rise from a value of 1 billion dollars in 2018 to 12.6 billion dollars by 2025! This is no surprise considering the availability of VR to the masses, including Playstation headsets and even mobile phone apps which do the job.

For the full effect, all you need these days is a virtual reality headset. This pair of virtual reality glasses, which can be purchased for most game consoles and mobile phones, are totally accessible in technology stores, and even on Amazon.For some more information about virtual reality applications, and to receive a virtual reality history lesson, check out our blog post, here.

Virtual Realtiy Examples 

These days, virtual reality games are all the rage. Some types of virtual reality games include:

  •  Blood & Truth on Playstation: this game is based on the idea of a heist, including car chases, gun stand-offs, and all the classic TV moments we know and love.

  • Firewall: Zero Hour on Playstation: pick off your enemies one-by-one with your gun squad, as you move through abandoned buildings together.

  • Resident Evil 7: Biohazard on mobile: this terrifying app includes scares around every corner. Immerse yourself in a world of horror, where a mutated, alien-like family hunt you down, and your mission is to get them first.

Other examples of great gaming themes include telekinesis games, where you use your mind to move objects to your advantage, and even rock band games, where you’re the star! Alongside this, rollercoaster games are also a fun way to feel the thrill of a theme park in the comfort of your own sofa. Almost anything you can imagine, scary, thrilling, fun, or action-packed have all been added to the list of VR games. 

This girl wearing a VR headset demonstrates that virtual reality is a very popular gaming choice these days

Old School Gaming 101 

Gaming, in the general sense of the word, has been around for hundreds and thousands of years! The earliest games can be traced back to 5,000 years ago, in Turkey, where a burial mound revealed some of the oldest game pieces known to man.

That said, these games of old, including board games and card games, now come second best to old school games online! We’re talking arcade games like Pacman, Space Invaders, Tetris, Asteroids… the list goes on. Some of these old games have transcended the test of time, and are even played today.

Despite the growing emergence of VR gaming, we can’t deny that old school gaming with a console is still ever-present. In fact, the video game industry is predicted to grow to over 90 billion U.S. dollars this year, from around 78 billion dollars in 2017. This just goes to show that, although the world of gaming is evolving, the traditional modes of gaming still remain popular.

Best Old School Games

Want to take a trip down memory lane? Well, apart from the arcade games we’ve already mentioned, here’s an old video games list which should remind you of those fantastic games of old:

  • Pong: released in 1972, this simple yet effective multiplayer game invited a couple of players to bounce a ball between one another via digitally-controlled paddles.

  • Myst: as the first of its kind, influencing games for decades to come, 1993s Myst let players loose to explore a mysterious island, solving clues and completing tasks along the way.

  • Doom: this first-person shooting game takes you from level to level, taking on the enemy as you go.

  • Super Mario Kart: originally emerging in the early 90s, Super Mario and his pals became the first racers to hit the gaming scene. Even back then, a split screen allowed you to play alongside your friends, and compete to win the cup.

  • SIMS: the Sims is a classic game from the year 2000, which everyone, old or young, will have played at some point.

  • Pokemon: Pokemon first emerged during the 90s, allowing fans of the TV hit and card game to experience the world for real! Even now, Pokemon has survived the test of time, resulting in an AR phone app, released in 2016, which took the world by storm.

  • Donkey Kong: as part of the Mario franchise, Donkey Kong was the first introduction of Mario we ever saw! Battling against Donkey Kong, the large gorilla holding Princess Peach captive, saving the damsel was the ultimate goal.

These are just some of the old computer games from the 90s, as well as the 80s and the year 2000. They paved the way for the world of gaming we know today, and still remain as some of the most popular games out there.

Virtual Reality vs. Old School Games: What’s the Verdict?

As you can see, both modes of gaming have their merits. VR is a growing commodity which is changing the face of the industry. On another vein, old school games played on a console are still as popular as ever, and remakes and new games are being released left, right and centre.

The moral of the story is, although modern gaming is an ever-growing phenomenon, old school games shouldn’t be forgotten in the process. In fact, with the growth of Virtual Reality comes a growth in old school gaming too! Let’s not forget our roots, and continue enjoying all types of gaming.

This person playing on their PlayStation just shows that old school games will always be popular

Lets Not Forget Where We Came From... 

Family attractions will always require games of all sorts and, despite the need to get into VR, old school gaming is still a must for families. So, if you think you have a fantastic game product, modern or traditional, that’ll add to the latest attractions, get in touch to exhibit at next year’s show!

We’ll be welcoming hundreds of exhibitors through the doors of the NEC, Birmingham on 11th & 12th November for the Family Attraction Expo. So, for more information, get in touch with our Event Director, Oliver Hayes, using the details below

Alternatively, if you want to discover the latest and greatest games to improve your attraction, then stay tuned for our FREE tickets, available soon. We look forward to welcoming you!