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Top 5 Winter Wonderland Ideas to Boost Your Family Attractions


Setting up a Winter Wonderland is a fantastic way to get more visitors to your family attractions. But what are the makings of a Winter Wonderland? Let’s take a look...

UK attractions for families don’t have to stop when the weather gets cold - let’s embrace the winter weather! A Winter Wonderland is a festive and fun way to get families, couples, and everyone in between, through your doors during the colder months.

Setting up your very own Winter Wonderland is the ideal way to get people through your doors, wrapped up in their woolies and enjoying eachother's company. We’ve put together some ideas for setting up, or improving, your Winter Wonderland, right here! Don’t go anywhere...

This Christmas market with a ferris wheel is the perfect addition to a Winter Wonderland

1. Fairground Rides

Every Winter Wonderland, small or large, has its very own Ferris wheel to keep its visitors occupied. This provides the visitors an amazing view of the rest of the Wonderland, and gives them an opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle for a while.

That said, a Ferris wheel isn’t the only fairground ride that works well in a Winter Wonderland. Some other traditional rides or games include Carousels, Helter Skelters, Adult or Child Swing Boats, or a Spinning Seat ride. Whether it be exciting thrills, child-friendly rides, stomach churners, or calmer ones, there’s something for everyone with these options.

2. Carnival Games

The whole idea of a Winter Wonderland, these days, is to get away from modern technology, and take a trip into the past. This is why carnival games make the perfect addition to a Winter Wonderland; giving visitors some entertainment, and reasons to spend their money!

Some fantastic ideas for carnival games to have at your Winter Wonderland attraction include pinball machines, ring toss, hook-the-duck, and bowling. For even more great ideas for carnival games, check out our blog post about the most popular carnival games, here.

3. Ice Skating Rink

Whether it’s made using real ice or not, ice skating is one of those super fun past-times that humans love to attempt, but are never great at, in most cases. That doesn’t mean we don’t love to give it a go, and what better time than during the festive period?

With the addition of a skating rink at your Winter Wonderland, you can achieve a great source of income. Not only this, but you can also provide a spectacle for your Ferris wheel riders! Just set up a temporary rink, and provide skating boots for your visitors, and it’ll be a fantastic experience for all those involved.

This German Christmas Market is just one section of what makes a Winter Wonderland special

4. German Christmas Market Stalls

Apart from entertainment, many people go to Winter Wonderlands to have their heart warmed by delicious festive food and drink. This is where the all-important German Christmas market stalls come in handy. Whether it be a tasty Bratwurst, some candyfloss, or a lovely mug of mulled wine, there’s something for everyone.

What’s more, Christmas market stalls are also a great way to pick up some festive, homemade, and unique Christmas gifts for your loved ones. Whatever you want to buy, German Christmas market stalls are a fabulous addition. To learn more about German Christmas markets, including how they originated and what makes a great Christmas market, check out our blog post, here.

5. Santa’s Grotto

This one’s for the children, as we can’t forget those parents with young kids to entertain. Meeting Santa is one of the most exciting parts of Christmas, as a child, so having this option will really get everyone in the Christmas spirit. For some more information about setting up a Santa’s Grotto, and other Santa experience ideas for the kids, check out our blog post, here.

Christmas lights in a Christmas market are completely essential to make the Winter Wonderland as special as possible

I’m Dreaming of a White… Winter Wonderland!

Think you could add something amazing to the Winter Wonderlands out there? Well, whether it be food, drink, structures, ice skates, or an ice rink, come along to exhibit at next year’s show! The Family Attraction Expo, at the NEC, Birmingham on 11th & 12th November, is the perfect place for you, so get in touch with our Event Director, Oliver Hayes:

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