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A Successful Family Attraction Expo for 2019: Preparing for 2020


The Family Attraction Expo has closed its doors for another year, but that doesn’t mean it’s over yet...

Before we officially say goodbye to the Family Attraction Expo 2019, we thought it was only right that we emphasise our fantastic achievements. We are so proud to have pulled this event off, and are looking forward to making the show even better for next year.

Find out some of our biggest achievements, hear some astounding testimonials, and find out what our plans for 2020 are! All this will be disclosed right here, so read on for more…

These model dinosaurs were one of the best attractions at the Family Attraction Expo

Facts and Figures From the Show

We have been blown away with the feedback we received from our show, and have put together some stats from the questionnaires and emails we sent out. Firstly, our leisure, hospitality and tourism shows altogether welcomed 17,890 visitors, which was a massive 27 percent increase from last year!

Within the Family Attraction Expo alone, our visitors held job titles which could be best described as:

  • Managing Director: 25%

  • Sales Manager/ Director: 16%

  • Head of Commercial Branding: 2%

  • Business Development Manager/ Director: 18%

  • Creative Marketing Director: 10%

  • Events Manager/ Director: 14%

  • Entertainments Manager: 15%

Out of these attendees, 90 percent are looking to attend the 2020 show. This comes as no surprise when we consider that 70 percent of visitors said meeting exhibitors was the most beneficial element of the event.

When it comes to our exhibitors, over 96 percent have said they are happy with the diversity of the visitors, bringing new business opportunities and leads. In fact, directly after the show, 66 percent of exhibitors confirmed they would be doing business with visitors, and 34 percent were in discussion with potential buyers about future business. Due to this, 85 percent of exhibitors re-booked for 2020 on the days of the show!

What Did Our Exhibitors Have to Say?

Overall, we had a lot of positive feedback from our exhibitors, and we really wanted to share with you some of these amazing comments:

  • Osbourne Technologies - Hannah, Marketing Manager: “Family Attraction Expo is a great show, with lots of diverse products making the show fun and interesting. We love doing the show each year, and find that we get lots of visitors and some great leads.”

  • Monkey Business Design - Chris Swinburn, MD: “We have received a good number of leads which we hope will translate into work. I have just signed up for a larger display area next year.”

  • Westcotec - Olly Samways, Head of Sales and Marketing: “Support from the staff was exemplary… we have been met with a BIG smile every day, and have always been asked if everything is okay.”

  • Weller Designs - Bruce Weller, Founder: "We had a wide variety of visitors, and picked up some promising leads and some great contracts."

  • World of Rides - David Robinson, Owner: “One of the UK’s best Expo’s, with new contacts year on year!”

  • The Sign Maker - Poppy-Lea Price: “Great show, good organisers and fantastic visitors.”

Plans For Next Year’s Family Attraction Expo

We strive to make each year’s show better than the last, to ensure that our visitors get the necessary tools they require to improve their customer experience and boost profits. For next year’s show, we are capping the size, so that we can focus on the exhibitors we have, and on making the whole experience as useful as possible.

With this in mind, we have a couple of new ideas up our sleeves, which we hope will make the day even more beneficial for our visitors and exhibitors. These include an awards ceremony stage, where we can showcase our amazing nominees, and their products and services, in front of a live audience. We would also like to put an emphasis on our Panel Debates, which proved to be a very popular fixture, by expanding our range of debates across each show.

This Family Attraction Expo seminar was very busy, and attracted lots of people

Want to Exhibit Next Year?

Want to exhibit at next year’s show, at the NEC, Birmingham on 11th & 12th November? We’d love to welcome you into our community of exhibitors, so don’t hesitate to get in contact with the Family Attraction Expo Event Director, Oliver Hayes:

Alternatively, if you want to visit, then stay tuned for our FREE tickets, which will be available to apply for very soon!