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Monthly News Reel: What You Missed This October in the Family Attraction World


The Family Attraction Expo is so close now, so get ready for our monthly news reel, where we update you on the newest trends and ideas for innovation!

Every month, we look forward to letting you in on the latest and greatest gossip from the world of family attraction. New trends, new park openings, innovative museum exhibits, and so much more, are all part of this month’s news.

The Family Attraction Expo is all about keeping you in-the-know, so you’re always aware of the competition, and how you can up your game! Get your FREE tickets to the show, so you can improve your customer experience at every twist and turn. But, before all that, learn more about the latest industry trends...

These news boxes cover in snow are filled with news from across the world

Theme Parks

Every month, tens and tens of new theme parks are set to open across the world, and we have some insights into what we can expect over the coming months. Firstly, we’ve heard a little more about when the new Universal Orlando theme park, Epic Universe, is expected to open its doors, and we can expect it in 2023. With 2020 hot on our heels, it won’t be long until people can visit!

America is also set to welcome a number of other theme parks, with Nickelodeon Universe, the largest indoor theme park in North America, having opened at the end of this month. Also, New York is soon set to welcome a new Legoland, on 4th July 2020… very close! 

To add to this, Hershey’s theme park, in Philadelphia, are expanding their attractions, and creating the longest, fastest, and tallest rollercoaster in the park. Finally, in America, a $4 million adventure park, called The Urban Air Adventure Park, opened in Sterling Heights, Detroit at the end of the month, and is now ready to visit.

America aren’t the only ones expecting new openings in years to come, though, as Europe are also expecting new attractions. In fact, an “I’m a Celebrity” theme park is opening in Manchester, in early 2020. What’s more, the Netherlands will soon see a new attraction at the fairytale-themed theme park, based around the Brother’s Grimm tale, Efteling. We can also expect a new inflatable theme park to open in Peterborough, this November.

Water Parks

As usual, we also have a lot of water park news. To start with, SeaWorld have a couple of new ideas up their sleeves. Not only are they set to turn their Aquatica water park in San Diego into a Sesame Street themed park for kids in 2021, we can also expect them to open another attraction at Florida Aquatica. This comes as part of a promise to set up new attractions, annually, so we can expect more excitement to come!

In other news, Cincinnati's Coney Island is set to close their amusement park in order to focus on water attractions. They closed this September, and dismantled their attractions to sell to other parks, to make way for their Sunlite Water Adventure area.

To top it off, a new Legoland water park is supposed to open in Europe, in 2020, as well as another new water park in Coventry, and a watersports park in New Brighton. The latter is set to open its doors soon, featuring assault courses, wakeboards, and so much more! Plans have been put forward for the build, which is awaiting construction on the Marina Lake.

This water park next to sea is a great way to use up beach space


This month has welcomed some exciting museum news, that’s for sure. To start with a bang, Stephen King’s home in Maine is being turned into a museum! Here, he wrote many of the literary favourites, including “It” and “Tabitha”!

What’s more, a Holocaust museum recently opened in Romania, showing the dark history of the area during this troubled time. Coupled with this, the last surviving Jewish history museum in Albania has had a reboot, thanks to a generous donor. The Solomon Museum tells of how hundreds of Jews were saved by Christians and Muslims in the country.

On another vein, the world’s oldest pearl is being displayed in a museum in Abu Dhabi! Then, to add to the mix, a small military museum in West Lothian, which is completely run by volunteers, has won the Scottish Tourist Attraction of the Year, showing that local attractions can do amazing things.


To finish on some great news, Bristol Zoo are on a mission to save vulnerable species. In particular, a tiny lizard hatched at Bristol Zoo this month, called the leaf-tailed gecko. It's the fourth of its kind to have been hatched in the zoo over the past year. With several more eggs currently in incubation, we can expect more to be born in the upcoming months.

This tiny lizard represents the lizard that Bristol Zoo is on a bid to save

Join us at the Family Attraction Expo Next Week!

We hope you enjoyed keeping up with October’s monthly news, and became inspired by some of the new attractions opening here, there, and everywhere. If you’re thinking of setting up your own attraction, or developing your attraction company in new ways, get your FREE tickets to the Family Attraction Expo. It’s coming up very soon, on 6th & 7th November at the NEC, Birmingham, so don’t miss out on meeting the people who can improve your attraction business, very soon!