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Set the Trends: Create Your Very Own Dog Friendly Water Park


With a growing number of individuals looking for dog friendly getaways, the numbers speak for themselves! Read more about the next holidaying trend, here...

We are a nation that obsesses over our pets. Dogs, in particular, are part of the family, and 85 percent of Brits would sacrifice a holiday abroad to stay at home with their beloved pooch.

The stats speak for themselves, especially considering millennials are choosing pets over parenting these days. In fact, projections show that, after 2019, global spending on our pets is set to exceed £66 billion! So, it’s no surprise that major companies, like Sixflags, have cottoned onto the trend, and are inviting our furry pals for a day out.

Our aim at the Family Attraction Expo is to make you aware of the latest trends to branch out into, so you can gain more visitors, and boost profits. Don’t miss out on the chance to get your FREE tickets, now, so you can get ahead of these trends before your competitors. For more information on setting up your very own dog friendly water park, and which of our exhibitors could help you out, read on…

This picture of two dog friends playing in a pool shows that a dog friendly water park is possible

Pet Friendly Ideas

With pet accommodation and attractions becoming one of the latest industry trends, there are a number of ways our faithful friends can be included. Some great examples of inclusive pet friendly initiatives include:

  • Dog friendly pubs

  • Dog friendly beaches

  • Dog friendly hotels

  • Truly dog friendly cottages

  • Dog friendly trails

  • Dog friendly water parks

Why Create a Dog Friendly Water Park?

One of the newest ways that dog friendly places to visit have emerged is in the world of water parks. Closing an average water park for the day, and allowing people to bring their (non-aggressive) furry friends along instead, has been tried-and-tested by a few attractions.

That said, why not make this less of a one-off event, and invite the pups along all day every day, making the most of today’s ever-growing pet obsession? We, at the Family Attraction Expo, think it would be a unique and worthwhile idea, for a couple of reasons…

This dog next to water may well be a service dog, providing help for people who require extra aid in daily life

Millennials Trends

We’ve already discussed how today’s society is completely infatuated by man’s best friend. In fact, stats show that millennials exceed their predecessors in their love for pets! This could be for a number of reasons, including:

  • Lack of funds to raise a child.

  • Practicing for parenthood.

  • A disinterest in parenthood altogether.

  • Fear of major responsibilities.

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that many millennials are putting off having children, and choosing dogs instead. With this in mind, and with millennials becoming the biggest demographic within the world of family attraction, it’s important to harness the world of pet-friendly ideas, before your competitors.


What’s also important to bear in mind is that, by allowing dogs to get involved at your water park, you’re also bringing in a whole new demographic; people who require service dogs. Without the proper regulations, service dogs are often turned away at the door, which excludes people with anxiety, PTSD, blindness, and so much more! Read more about inclusion in this sense, and the benefits it’ll bring to your attraction, here.

Considerations For Setting up Your Dog Friendly Water Park

When it comes to introducing animals to an already volatile environment, it’s important that conditions are put in place. Whether it be health and safety, ensuring pets are neutered, providing proof of vaccinations, and ensuring adequate food and drink for dogs and humans alike are available, there’s a lot to think about!

At the Family Attraction Expo, our exhibitor stands will be filled with companies and individuals who can help you with all these important considerations. Make the decisions you need to make, with the help of these, and many other exhibitors at our show:

  • Airparx: manufacturer of inflatable theme parks, perfect for kids and small pets.

  • Aquaglide: create bespoke, inflatable aqua parks, which float on top of water.

  • Bling2o: swimming utensils, such as goggles, waterboards, and swimwear.

  • Day Out With the Kids: providing the ultimate industry platform to advertise your park as a must-see.

  • Slipfree: poolside shoes, to prevent any nasty falls.

  • Lighthouse UK Ltd.: health and safety solutions, including labels and signs, which are ideal for ensuring rules and regulations are followed.

  • Lorica Insurance: providing expert insurance solutions, which are ideal for an attraction wherein waiver forms must be signed.

  • Perfo: grass reinforcement surfaces, which is ideal for over-excited pups around the poolside.

This cute dog swimming is loving the swimming pool, as he paddles around with a toy in his mouth

Want to Set up Your Very Own Dog Friendly Water Park?

As you can see, the Family Attraction Expo will be welcoming all the companies who can take your new business idea to the next level. Whether it’s a dog friendly water park, or anything else, let your imagination run wild and get your FREE tickets to the show!

Join tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, at Europe’s largest event of its kind, so you don’t miss out on the chance to boost profits. We’ll see you at the NEC, Birmingham, on 6th & 7th November, in just one weeks time!