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Top 6 Ultimate Horror Experiences For Your Attraction


The world of family attraction offers an array of opportunities for Halloween festivities. Discover the ways to diversify your attraction into horror experiences, to excite the evolving thrillseekers.

Our developing society is ever-more intrigued by the frightening world of scare attractions. Forget scary movies and rollercoasters; a real horror experience is now one of the only ways to get a true scare. That said, true scary experiences can be hard to comeby, and many scare-seekers have to travel far and wide to get their fix.

We think it’s time for this to change!

With your FREE tickets to the Family Attraction Expo, you’ll have the opportunity to meet the companies who can help you give your customers the ultimate scare. Provide your local area with a scare attraction on their doorstep, so you can keep up with the growing number of thrillseekers out there! Learn more, here...

Opening up a scary maze is a great way to frighten your customers

1. Mazes

The first of our six fantastic scare attraction ideas is horror mazes. These can either come in the form of outdoor mazes, where you must find your way out of a tall, leafy maze, or horror mazes, like SAW Live at Thorpe Park. This isn’t a maze in the traditional sense, as there is a clear path to get out, but there are lots of scares and jumps along the way.

The main components of such a horror experience include a building, props and decorations, and actors with scary costumes and makeup. You’ll also need to ensure that your health and safety is up-to-scratch, and staff training is impeccable. That’s what the Family Attraction Expo is here to help with!

We provide everything, from health and safety, to construction, so your maze idea can come to life! For example, Andy White Creative, Active Constructions, and me&c Creative can use their creative magic to create an amazing maze that’ll suit your needs, and truly frighten your customers.

2. Overnight Horror Experience

A really great idea for an interactive horror experience is an overnight horror experience. This will often come in the form of a sleepover in a haunted house, and would work extremely well in a building that is said to be haunted. Who knows, your visitors may even get to witness some real life ghost experiences!

To learn more about this idea, and to discover which of our exhibitors would help you out with this venture, take a look at this blog post for more information.

3. Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are all the rage right now, providing an immersive horror experience for the thrillseekers out there. Although not all escape rooms are scary, many of them are based around frightening stories, and the general concept of being trapped in a room can be a bit of a scare too.

The idea is that the visitors are trapped in a room, and have to solve a number of brain-teasing puzzles to find their way out. Escape rooms can have a number of themes, including spies, the apocalypse, prisons, and - most relevant - horror, to really immerse visitors into the story. By building your very own escape room, with the help of our expo, you’ll be able to welcome a whole new demographic of visitors through your door!

This creepy bedroom escape room would definitely scare a lot of people, as they look for clues to get out

4. Scary Camping Experience

Anyone who’s on the lookout for a true scary experience would be completely thrilled by the thought of a scary camping experience. Think tents or glamping pods, a group ghost story session around the campfire, and a sleepless night in a dark forest, somewhere remote.

The adjoining shows to the Family Attraction Expo - the Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show and the Farm Business Innovation Show - are welcoming a number of fantastic exhibitors who could help out in this regard. For example:

5. Horror House Experience

A real horror house experience is another fantastic scare attraction idea. This one can go one of two ways - either a really scary attraction, with actors, darkness, and strobe lights, or a kid-friendly attraction, that is ideal for younger children. Either way, our expo has just the people to help bring your horror house idea to fruition.

For example, Quadrabuild create bespoke modular buildings, from scratch, which can act as the basis for your horror house idea. Then, you can work from there, with some of the other exhibitors at the expo, to fill your building with creepy items and decorations.

6. Virtual Reality Experience

We’ve already touched on how it can be difficult to entertain a society which is ever-more intrigued by the sinister. By steering away from a real life horror experience, and verging more towards an immersive experience enforced by technology, you could harness a completely separate market!

At the Family Attraction Expo, we’ll be welcoming a number of exhibitors who could help you to set up or enhance your virtual reality scary experiences. These include Roto VR and Hugonnetexim; come face-to-face with some of the innovators within the business, to make your attraction stand out!

A scary VR experience could be a great way to draw in customers on the hunt for a thrill

Want to Set Up Your Very Own Horror Experiences?

Feeling inspired? Want to meet the people who could take your family attraction business to frightening new heights? Then don’t miss out on the chance to get your FREE tickets to the Family Attraction Expo, on 6th & 7th November at the NEC, Birmingham.

Our exhibition will be showcasing all the companies who can take your attraction to this scary new level. For more information on setting up a brand new business venture in the family attraction world, and which of our exhibitors could help, read our blog post here.

Don’t miss out on meeting all the companies, under one roof, who can take your spooky idea from beginning to end. Get inspired, and draw in even more visitors through your door, this November!