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NotLost Changes the Face of Alton Towers’ Lost Property System


Looking for a modern, time-saving way to deal with lost property at your attraction? NotLost could be the solution for you!

NotLost are obsessed with getting people’s lost possessions back to them. So much so that they’ve created the world’s most transformational lost and found software solution, making the process quick and painless.

NotLost empowers organisations to modernise their lost property process, shredding the time it takes to find and return items by up to 80 percent. Good news for security and customer service teams who often find lost property a time-consuming distraction!

Sound up your street? NotLost will be exhibiting at the Family Attraction Expo very soon, so get your FREE tickets to meet them and see how they could help you. Read more about them, right here...

In a crowded theme park, like this, it's easy for personal items to get lost in the crowd

What Do NotLost Do Best?

Manual data-input, endless phone-calls, emails, and queues of customers enquiring about items is deflating for anyone managing lost property. NotLost turn what is usually a painful process into a positive customer experience!

NotLost was built to create a 21st century solution to an everyday problem. The company use game-changing image recognition software and smart cloud-based tech to make the lost property problem easy and quick to manage… phew - we knew there was a better way to do this!

NotLost are proud to call some of the best loved brands their clients, including O2 Arena, Alton Towers, AEG Presents, UCL, Oxford Bus, Westfield and Eurostar. But what about Alton Towers?

Background of NotLost’s Lost Property System for Alton Towers

Alton Towers is the UK’s biggest theme park, with millions of visitors every year, and 40 rides and attractions. Their lost property processes were consuming valuable time for guest-facing team members. Their ambition was to free up time, as well as to improve both the speed and accuracy of their responses when handling guest enquiries; ideally repatriating more items.

The Challenge

Each week, up to 200 items are found across the park and passed to the Resort Box Office for registration, and then onto Reception for storage. Around 150 enquiries come in via a number of channels to both locations:

  • Each item was registered manually on a paper form by the Guest Services team, and then had to be recorded again by the reception team into Excel.

  • It typically took 5 minutes (up to 15 minutes!) to register each item, as team members were often distracted with other important guest-facing tasks.

  • The fragmented process, and the manual nature of the matching process, made it time-consuming and difficult to handle guest enquiries, reducing the likelihood that they would be returned.

  • The lack of communication to guests resulted in numerous enquiries about the same items, further convoluting the process and frustrating everybody involved.

  • The whole process was cumbersome for team members and often resulted in a negative guest experience.

This angry face represents the negative customer experience that occurred before NotLost got involved

The Solution

Items are now registered at the Box Office using NotLost on an electronic tablet. The use of image recognition software ensures accurate data entry and detailed, standardised reports, as well as removing the need for duplicate registration.

NotLost have also built an online lost form that provides a simple 24/7 method for guests to report lost items. The use of images, lost/found comparison, and keyword searching enables reception staff to quickly identify items and validate guest enquiries.

The Results

The team spend 90 percent less time registering items, and 20 percent less time handling enquiries – they can now focus their attention on providing an excellent service to guests. The guest experience has also been improved; a more robust process means that enquiries have a faster turnaround, and ultimately more items are returned.

What Did the Team Think?

Hear what the Alton Towers team had to say...

  • “The uploading side of things is brilliant. Literally, just take a photo and write down where it’s found, and then done - it takes less than a minute.”

  • “It’s quite self-explanatory, I haven’t even had to look at the user guide. Even when we have new staff in, it only takes 10 to 15 mins to show them how to do it; anybody could use it.”

  • “It’s now a lot simpler for guests to report a lost item. We’ve even had quite a few emails from people post visit saying ‘thank you for finding it so quickly’ and ‘it’s been really efficient!”

  • “We started seeing positive results within the first 2 weeks ... when we were reuniting a lot more items with guests than we were before!”

  • “NotLost offers us a modern solution to managing our lost property processes. It was simple to implement, is easy to use, and saves significant time and hassle for our team. Our guests get a better level of customer-service, and we are returning more items of their property.”

This sand timer shows time is ticking, and time will be saved with the help of NotLost

Want to Vamp up Your Lost Property Systems?

NotLost would be more than happy to hear your problems, and find a solution for you at the Family Attraction Expo. Don’t miss out on the chance to boost your customer experience and productivity, and get your FREE tickets! Join us, and NotLost, on the 6th & 7th November at the NEC, Birmingham, and improve your business in ways you may not have even thought of.