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The Popularity of Golf: How to Build a Mini Golf Course

The popularity of golf is soaring! Discover how to build a mini golf course at your attraction, and make the most of this popularity!

The golf industry is worth billions of dollars, hitting the heights of $7.5 billion in Florida alone! This just goes to show that golf is a key part of many peoples’ lives.

When taking a short trip with the family, many parents may want to introduce their kids to the golfing world. What better way to do this than with mini golf or crazy golf?

At the Family Attraction Expo, you’ll be exposed to all the people you need to help you with setting up your very own golf course to draw in visitors. Get your FREE ticket to meet the people who can take you from the beginning to the end of introducing a golf course to your company.

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This picture of mini golf at a fairground shows that it can be implemented seamlessly into your family attraction

Types of Golf Courses

Golf comes in many shapes and sizes, and can be played by people of all ages. This makes it ideal for family attractions, where children and parents can enjoy their time together. The types of golf out there include:

  • Long-range golf

  • Driving ranges

  • Crazy golf

  • Mini golf

  • Disc golf

Due to the nature of family attractions, it’s likely that the first option is out of the question. This is because it requires a lot of land. That said, the last four options are definitely worth considering as a popular addition to your attraction.

How to Build a Mini Golf Course: Tips For Success

1. Research all the Options

Before taking the plunge, you need to do all your research to figure out whether it would be worth setting up a golf course at your attraction. Firstly, it’s important to see if attractions nearby feature a golf course of their own. Competition can be fierce, and you don’t want to get stuck in the middle!

It’ll also be useful figure out what costs would be needed. This is where attending the Family Attraction Expo would be useful, as you can talk to the people who could make it all happen for you.

2. Make Sure You Know Your Business and Demographic

Before you make the decision to set up your very own mini or crazy golf course, it’s paramount that you decide whether your family attraction demographic would appreciate a golf course. This way, you’ll be able to ensure that it’s a worthwhile investment.

This golf hole is a great depiction of every type of golf that we've mentioned in this blog post

3. Decide the Type of Course

Remember the different types of course we discussed before? Well, now’s the time to decide what type of golf course you want to build. Crazy golf is great for adventure, and disc golf is fantastic for kids, whilst mini golf is a mixture of the two. Make your decision, and run with it!

4. Decide the Size of the Course

How many holes your golf course has will determine a lot of other factors. This includes the money you charge for tickets and how much it’ll cost you to build. This factor will mostly come down to where you plan on building your mini golf course, as this will determine how much space the course will have to be built on.

5. Think About Ticket Pricing

We’ve already talked about the importance of figuring out the ins and outs of budget in setting up a mini golf course at your attraction. That said, you must also consider the ticket prices you’ll charge, so you can ensure you’re making up the money spent on new equipment, new staff, and this fresh new golfing building.

A bit of market research will help you to get this right. For example, what are other companies charging? The biggest factor to consider, here, is whether people will pay for it at this price, especially considering the amount of holes you’re choosing to implement.

6. Indoor or Outdoor

Finally, you also need to decide whether you want your golf course inside or outside. Naturally, you’ll receive more traction at your golf course if it’s indoors, but it may be cheaper to install a golf course outside. You decide, weather dependent, of course.

This kid playing golf shows that golf is great for all ages

Find Out More at Our Show

At the Family Attraction Expo, on 6th & 7th November at the NEC, Birmingham, you’ll be able to meet and greet the companies who can improve your golfing offerings. Get your FREE ticket, and meet Castle Golf, who can help you build your mini golf course, as well as Disc Golf UK Ltd. who will do the same for disc golf courses.

We look forward to seeing you there!