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The Most Popular Carnival Games Your Family Attraction Needs

Carnival games are notorious for amusing all visitors, old and young. Want to harness the power of such a simple tool to bring even more excitement to your family attraction? Find out more...

Many people may assume that taking your family attraction business to the next level will cost a fortune, take a lot of time, and be difficult to implement. In that, you’d be very wrong.

With your FREE tickets to the Family Attraction Expo, we'll help YOU find the best ways to boost your family attraction offerings. With this in mind, it doesn’t have to be complicated; something as simple as carnival games could be the answer!

With our list of carnival games, discover the most popular carnival games you could diversify into, to build your leisure and hospitality offerings.

A bowling arcade game is a great way to entice your customers, old and young, to buy tickets to your attraction

Traditional Carnival Games

Carnival games originated during the Renaissance period, in the royal courts, where the aristocracy amused themselves with fun past-times. Some of the most obvious carnival games, that are easy to cater for, include card games, magic tricks, and sporting activities. Then, when these games made their way to the United States during the 1800s, the games developed to become part of the traveling carnival shows throughout the country.

Despite their age, these games will never grow old, and are still a fantastic way to get the whole family enjoying time together. Some of these old carnival games worth investing in include:

Pinball Machines

The original pinball machine was first invented during the late 1800s to the early 1900s. Although the machine itself may have changed since then, it’s still a popular fixture that rakes in visitors.

Basketball Hoops

Traditionally, this game was made using wood, with a simple ring attached to it. In more modern times, this has evolved to become electronic; throwing in as many balls as you can, within the allotted time, competing against a friend to see who gets the most shots.

Fortune Teller

You can’t beat the classic fortune teller; an electronic figurine who reads your fortune. For many, the curiosity about one’s future will draw them in to participate and, although we all know it’s not accurate, it’s always a bit of fun.

New Carnival Games

New carnival games, created within the past few decades, can be characterised by their electronic mechanisms. In many cases, these include arcade games, such as the classic Pacman, Asteroids, and Donkey Kong.

These are a fantastic way to get the parents involved too, as the games are a little more complex, and remind them of their own childhoods. Nostalgia is a massive part of drawing in millennials and Gen-X, so harking on this will no doubt be a success.

A slot machine is a simple way to make some money, and is the best way to draw in the parents to have some fun at your family attraction

Backyard Carnival Games

One of the great benefits of carnival games is that they don’t need to be complicated! Some of the greatest, and most popular, carnival games have been taken right out of a backyard children’s party. That said, that doesn’t mean they’re too simple to be introduced into your family attraction.

Knock the Can

This simple, yet fun, game requires a collection of empty tin cans, stacked together, which then need to be knocked over using a ball. This game is easy to put together, requires minimal equipment, and is fun for everyone.

Dart Balloons

This one’s an easy way to get the kids aiming for success. All it takes is a tall board, with filled water balloons pinned to it. Then, a collection of darts can be thrown at the board, whether they be magnetic darts, or real, sharp darts, depending on the age group.

Each balloon can be filled with something different - either a small prize, like a sweet, or even a monetary prize! Alternatively, you can fill the balloon with a small scrap of paper, describing the prize. It’s a game of aim and luck!

Fossil Digging

Everyone loves a bit of history, especially if you get to dig for it yourself! Dinosaurs, in particular, are a source of excitement for children and adults alike. A simple sandpit, with small fossils or faux-gold fragments hidden inside, and small spades and brushes, will equip you for an attraction like this.

Ring Toss

This is another great game for all the family. You can get the parents showing off their throwing skills, and the kids learning the ropes of hand-eye coordination. All it takes is a few donut-shaped rings to throw, and some sticks to aim towards, as well as some prizes for those who.

Hook the Duck or Go Fishing

This is a game everyone will have seen, and probably played, at some point in their lives. Just a small paddling pool, filled with water, with floating ducks or little magnetic fish to catch is all you need for some family fun.

A toy grab machine is a classic arcade game that will draw in kids and teenagers, alike, to your family attraction

The Prize is Right in Front of You

At the Family Attraciton Expo, we want to open your eyes to the possibilities your family attraction has to offer. We’ll be showcasing an array of companies, from across the sector, who may inspire you to change up your family offerings. For example, KandyToys will be showing off the fantastic collections of children’s toys, which could be instrumental in putting together your new venture.

Get your FREE tickets to the show, on 6th & 7th November at the NEC, Birmingham, and you could become inspired by the simplest of ideas. Or, do you feel like you may have a new and exciting carnival game to bring to the table? We’d be more than happy to showcase your product or service, so get in touch with Event Director, Oliver Hayes, at, or call +44 (0)117 929 6087, to exhibit.

We can’t wait to welcome you!