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HowndTM is coming to the UK!

As Hownd makes its way to the United Kingdom, it brings with it a history of serving thousands of family entertainment facilities and health & beauty businesses in the United States, driving more than $19.5 million in direct purchases for its merchants. Filling a gap that has existed for years in the world of small to medium size businesses, Hownd has a new take on customer acquisition and retention.

CEO Brandon Willey had this to say: 

For small business owners, navigating the marketing landscape is still an exhausting endeavor. How is a small business owner able to be an expert in all aspects of marketing and run their business? In the end, business owners struggle constantly to keep up with marketing trends and, in the process, waste thousands of dollars and countless hours experimenting with new tools. And worse yet, the business has to pay for the software in advance whether the tool delivers results or not.”

Hownd is all about bringing, tracking and displaying value for its merchants. Utilizing machine learning, artificial intelligence, and social listening, Hownd delivers highly targeted offers to a community of more than 36 million users on behalf of its merchants. By leveraging these technologies, small business owners no longer need to be the expert. According to, Hownd’s desire is to bring Effortless Foot Traffic to its customers around the world by doing the heavy lifting for the merchant.

CEO Brandon went on to say: 

Current promotional and deal platforms require deep discounting of services and, on top of that, require an unsustainable revenue share, often leaving no profit for the business owner. These programs are unsustainable and bad for business which, ultimately, is bad for our local communities. Hownd is a community-conscious organization that believes in connecting the right merchant with the right customer at the right time -- and at a fair price.” 

Hownd believes in its results so strongly that they’ve created a patented, zero-risk, Pay-Per- VisitTM pricing model. With their Starter Plan, merchants can choose to pay only when a customer walks in their door with one of their promotions. Eliminating the risk of trying a new system by essentially ensuring profitability is a bold strategy, but Hownd is banking on it. 

Hownd’s move to the UK comes on the tail of its South American expansion. The first two trampoline parks in South America to come on board with Hownd generated more than $25,000 of additional revenue in less than three months. Replicating these results in the UK and ultimately around the world is the goal. According to Hownd, at the core of their beliefs is that connecting business owners with their ideal customer and connecting customers with good businesses is what drives the economy forward. What helps the economy helps communities, which creates jobs, which drives innovation, which empowers communities.  

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