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8 Ways to Keep Your Visitors Cool This Summer


This summer, discover the top ways to keep your visitors cool, so they stay safe and happy in this summer heat.

The heat is on this summer, reaching a European record high since 1944! It seems the effects of climate change have truly come to the forefront.

Although these developments aren’t ideal, it’s important that we make the best of a bad situation. The family attraction sector can certainly do their bit, by ensuring their customers and staff remain comfortable during these soaring temperatures.

Hotter countries, like Dubai, already have safeguards set in place to combat the boiling heat. But how can we, in a country where extreme heat is not often an issue, implement fixtures to deal with such problems?

Silhouette of a woman enjoying the sun, with her arms out, looking up to the sky

1. Set Up Shady Spots

As I’m sure you know, the sun and its heat can cause potentially fatal problems for the human body. For example, UV radiation is known for its carcinogenic effects. What’s more, heat to the skin and top of the head could cause heat stroke, an underestimated illness that may prove life-threatening.

This is why providing shady areas within your park could be the difference to your customers remaining safe and happy this summer. That said, investing in safeguards against this extreme heat may seem futile, considering Britain’s usually drab climate. That’s why, when it comes to implementing these sun-dependent innovations, it’s important that they can also be adapted for the usual British weather.

This is where shady spots will come in handy, whether it be balconies, parasols, or indoor space. Yes, this provides a cool area where the sun can’t penetrate, but they also provide a shield from the much more common British showers. Protect your customers from wind, rain, or shine, through simple design features that are functional, and protective.

2. Sell Relevant Merchandise

Perhaps one of your visitors forgot their sunglasses or sunhat, and can no longer enjoy their holiday park adventure to the fullest? Maybe they’re looking for a souvenir to take home with them, as a means to remember their fun day out? Why not kill two birds with one stone...

Souvenir shops are one of the main ways that holiday parks can achieve a sustainable profit. By ensuring yours are equipped with these practical additions, alongside the usual teddy bears, badges, and fridge-magnets, keeping cool in the sun has never been easier. Some ideas for relevant merchandise could include:

  • Sunhats.

  • Sunscreen.

  • Sunglasses.

  • UV-protected lip salve.

  • Sun parasols, to be taken to the outdoor areas.

Beach with parasols lined up on, in the colour blue

3. Sell Food With a High Water Content

Alongside the relevant merchandise, it’s also important to sell cooling food and drink, to soothe the soul on these hotter-than-hell days. Us Brits are known for our affection towards the classic Mr Whippy ice-cream, so ice lollies are the perfect place to start.

You may also be surprised to learn that certain foods are ideal for cooling your bodily systems. For example, foods high in water, like vegetables and spicy foods, are perfect for this, in comparison to protein-filled foods, like meat and eggs. By selling healthy foods, high in water content, you’ll be on a roll.

4. Sell Cooling Drinks

Ensuring to have an abundance of cold-drink vendors is also essential. Think fizzy drinks, fruit juice, and iced-coffee and tea, alongside the more adult options of beer, and cocktails. We certainly can’t complain there!

Don’t forget to sell water too, though, as staying hydrated is the best method to remaining cool. Fizzy drinks and alcohol are notorious for dehydrating, so by providing hydrating options, you can’t lose.

5. Stay Hydrated

Water, water, water! That’s the key to a healthy lifestyle, and on hotter days, water is even more important. We’ve already discussed the importance of encouraging the use of reusable water bottles on our Holiday Park and Resort blog, alongside ensuring there are numerous water fountains around the park. Here, we’d like to reiterate this sentiment to ensure your customers and staff have ready access to hydration.

Cocktail on beach, with sand, and the sea in the background

6. Air-Con Has Got it Going On

Air-con can be a lifesaver in these extreme heats. That said, it’s not very common for a UK-based establishment to have these built-in relievers. What we’re more accustomed to seeing over here is radiators, for those freezing winter months.

Despite this, air-conditioning is certainly a viable investment in the holiday park and resort world, in both customer accommodation and the staff workplace. That said, we want to ensure an investment into air-con isn’t redundant, especially considering the use of this machinery in the UK will occur rarely.

Not to worry, as, these days, there are an abundance of air-con options which also heat up during colder temperatures. This means they can be utilised all year round, so you can really get your money’s worth.

7. Encourage Indoor Activities During the Hotter Times of Day

Due to the direct heat of the midday sun, between 11am to 3pm mark the hottest times of day. During extreme temperatures, it’s recommended to remain indoors, or out of the sun, at these crucial times.

This is why we, at the Family Attraction Expo, would advise you to organise indoor activities during these hotter times. Perhaps an indoor exhibit or show could be opened during these hours? The options are endless.

8. Cooling Cotton

Cotton is known for its breathable qualities, and is an ideal material to keeping cool at night. By implementing cotton duvet and pillow covers throughout the resort accommodation, your visitors will remain content, and sleep much more soundly. After all, a good sleep marks the start of a fantastic day!

Hotel bed, with cotton bedsheets

The “Climate”-tic Conclusion

Staying cool isn’t rocket science, and we’ve certainly provided you with some of the more obvious ways to do so in this extreme heat. That said, we’ve also given you an insight into the ways you can stand out from the crowd in keeping your visitors and staff cool this summer. By keeping your resort cool and people-friendly, both your staff and customers will maintain the family-fun atmosphere.