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Zoo Innovation 101: Bubbles, Not Balloons


Explore some of the innovative methods zoos can use to keep their animals, and visitors, entertained.


The call for a clean-up is upon us, and we’re not talking about the yearly scrub down of your BBQ, now that the sun has finally made its debut. This week, with Plastic-Free July hot on our heels, we’re focusing on the bigger picture of saving our planet.

 According to recent studies, there are 51 trillion microscopic plastic fragments plaguing our oceans. Struggling to visualise it? Well, let’s just say that if we balanced these 269,000 tonnes of plastic on a weighing scale, alongside 1345 adult blue whales, the weights would equate. The figures truly are shocking, when we present them this way.

 With these figures ever-rising, the ocean is certainly our largest focus, with projects such as 4Ocean and The Ocean Cleanup paving the way for a plastic-free future. That said, it’s not just the seas that are reeling from these unnatural invasions, but our other wildlife too.

 Sadly, almost 700 species are affected by these plastics, including endangered animals who require every effort on our part to survive. So what can we do to help?

Seabird sat alongside abandoned fishnets

 Zoos Victoria is leading the way here, with a seemingly small gesture that could have a larger impact than it might seem.They’re urging the public, as well as family attraction organisations, to use bubbles, instead of balloons, for family fun outdoor use.

 Every year, millions of balloons are released into the atmosphere, in the US alone! That said, recent discoveries have shown us the devastating effects these balloons can have on our environment.

 Zoos Victoria aims to educate people on these effects, emphasising that over 80 percent of baby seabirds in their area have ingested rubbish of some sort. One of the most identifiable objects within these collections are balloons, making balloon releases one of the biggest cause factors of this issue.

 This is why stamping balloons out of our lives really will help for the better. With Zoos Victoria inspiring other organisations to follow, there’s no reason why your family-friendly organisation can’t get involved.

White and red heart-shaped balloons, floating into the sky

 Bubbles Not Balloons: What’s In It For You?

After reading those shocking statistics, you can’t deny the astronomical impact that removing balloons from our 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and birthday celebrations could have. But why should you, a family attraction expert, help?

 Well, Zoos Victoria’s encouragement to replace balloons with bubbles doesn’t just end with the public. They’ve even encouraged zookeepers to take inspiration by blowing bubbles for their four-legged friends within the zoo enclosures themselves!

 It may sound bizarre, but they’ve reported the delight and excitement that their animals exhibited with the sight of these floating orbs. Animals such as elephants, penguins, and meerkats, amongst others, all voiced their approval, gathering around to join in the fun.

 Not only could this benefit the welfare of your zoo animals, but it may even draw more visitors to the attractions! Who doesn’t love the sight of a gleeful animal, enjoying their time in a protected environment?

Turtle balancing bubble on nose

Help save the environment, whilst bringing people and animals together, as one. Choose bubbles over balloons for Plastic-Free July, today.