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The New BigAirBag® Action Tower Set to Revolutionise Parks

With adventure parks constantly striving to differentiate themselves from their direct competition, finding new attractions to help them achieve this isn’t always easy. 

Not only must the attraction capture the imagination of the customers and create a buzz, but it also needs to be durable and safe enough to cope with the high-demands of usage during peak seasons. 

However, the world’s leading manufacturer of airbags for freestyle sports and leisure applications, BigAirBag®, is proud to announce the launch of their new attraction – the Action Tower.

Combining action activities for the whole family

The BigAirBag® Action Tower is a revolutionary attraction designed to keep all kinds of participants entertained for hours.  

From breathtaking jumps to mind-blowing slides, the Amsterdam-based company has incorporated a variety of features designed to thrill adrenaline lovers and amaze spectators.  

The two-lane trampoline jump adds a whole new level of excitement to a freefall activity, giving users the platform to overcome their fears and practise tricks. 

On the top platform, there’s a fun drop slide where thrill-seekers can hurtle down the tunnel from heights of 6m and land in comfort on the BigAirBag® Adventure below. 

And finally, the BigAirBag® Action Tower boasts a tubby jump too. This enables people of all ages to feel the wind in their faces as they slide down the 12m in-run before being launched in the air by the kicker and landing safely on the BigAirBag® underneath.  

With a staggering 960 maximum throughput P/H, standing at 6-metres tall and the capacity to hold up to 40 people at once, this attraction is built to easily cope with busy parks during peak season. 

The BigAirBag® Action Tower requires minimal running cost, is easy to maintain and can open up a whole world of possible revenue streams. This includes increased ticket sales, incorporating food and beverage vendors on site, sponsorship opportunities on the attraction itself and taking photos or videos for people to share on social media. 

Another benefit is that it’s customisable too, meaning parks can take full creative control of the theme, branding and extra activities included on the tower. The outcome? An action tower which is jam-packed full of a business’ own personality and character. 

An attraction businesses can trust

While return on investment is important, ensuring that customers are safe and businesses get great value for money are also integral to the BigAirBag® philosophy.

With over 15 years of experience manufacturing and installing landing applications for adventure parks, the GB Olympics team, ski resorts and trampoline parks, BigAirBag® knows how to customise their products to suit the customers’ needs. 

The Action Tower has a TÜV certified strong core structure to withstand any weather condition, safety padding made from highly resistant PVC for extra safety and is installed onsite by their expert team for complete peace of mind.

To find out more, get in touch with the BigAirBag® team using the details below or look out for them at the Family Attraction Expo in the NEC in Birmingham later this year. 





PHONE: +31 20 893 2161