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Happinov brings innovation to the Escape Game Market

Creating technology-based immersive experiences is key to survival in today’s competitive escape game market but the major challenge is rethinking the business model.

Escape Games have been around for several years and the market is still expanding. The next generation of games will be confronted with a range of new challenges related to improving quality, enriching atmosphere, and developing technology based immersive design. However, for many business owners these important elements only represent the tip of the iceberg. The underlying major challenges lie at the heart of the business model: managing limited capacity during peak hours, filling off-peak sessions and rethinking the traditional and costly one game master per escape room model.

Happinov is developing solutions to tackle these key challenges through innovative use of technology and rethinking the traditional business model to increase capacity with limited space and to reduce operating costs by redefining the game master role; thus generating additional revenue.


Our escape games make full use of technology not only because it is very popular with the public, but also for very practical reasons. A technological object should not simply be used on its own to present and solve a puzzle. Our approach is to use technology interactively. We use iPads with image recognition technology, augmented reality, Bluetooth, and beacons in connected objects to make sure they are at the centre of multiple interactions. These interactions are created between the escape game team, the technological objects and the game setting. This allows a wide variety of new puzzles and creative solutions to be developed cost effectively.

The underlying practical advantage of the new use of technology is the time gained when resetting the room after a game - far more quickly than other escape rooms.

Time management

Most escape games we create require no reinstallation after each session. Traditional escape games need up to 2 hours including reset time for each effective one hour session. Our games only require a few minutes for one team to leave the game area and for the next one to start their session. Also, while normal escape rooms max out at 7 to 9 sessions per day, with our model we can deliver up to 13 sessions - indispensable at weekends.

Additionally, there is no risk that a player might leave with a key or other item in their pocket, thus avoiding time lost looking for it.

Game masters & hints

Our escape games require no game masters and no in-room cameras. All teams have an iPad with an integrated hints system that helps when they find themselves stuck on a puzzle. One staff member can handle up to 4 to 5 teams per hour, as there is no need to follow the players’ moves on a screen, with the only main task being the management of a fleet of iPads.

Use of Happinov’s Escape Game model increases the number of potential sessions and reduces the resources required to run them, ensuring a higher profitability for escape room owners and entrepreneurs. This is crucial in today’s competitive business environment where ever increasing investments are required to offer the best immersive experiences to the public.

For more info, visit www.happinov.fr