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QuadraBuild: Exhibiting at White Label World Expo London


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QuadraBuild provide QuadraPile - a rapid installation, concrete free foundation solution suitable for building near trees, in root protection zones and on sites with limited access. It is an aluminium alloy helical piling system offering superb anti-corrosion, environmental and cost benefits.

Structures such as modular buildings, extensions, lumber lodge cabins, containers or our QuadraBase can be accommodated on our `top-hat` pile cap system. These galvanized steel arrangements allow for X, Y & Z tolerance so pile caps remain level across even the largest of projects. There is no limitation to the footprint size or shape.

The tensile capacity of the QuadraPile is outstanding and has allowed us to provide foundations for statues, lighting columns, wind turbines, telephone masts, play equipment.

All piles installed with our top-hat system can be used for permanent or temporary structures. Where required piles and caps can be later removed, recycled and reused.

The pile can also be used in traditional ground beams and slabs formed with reinforced concrete. We have design options for no-dig solutions to form slabs to be used as foundations for buildings or roads.

The QuadraPile is suitable for use in a wide range of subsoil types and performs extremely well in clays, silts and chalk. The installation process does not require any form of auger, spoil removal or concrete. This reduces programme times on site and provides a cost-effective solution. All the equipment and materials are transportable by hand allowing installations to be undertaken at hard to reach, sloping and remote locations.

All the piles are proof load tested in situ on site. This enables piles to be installed without having a soil investigation report and construction of the superstructure can commence within a matter of hours from our arrival on site.
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