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07 Sep 2023

PlayPen Balls

Euro Matic Stand information: FA146

Balls Sizes and Range
We supply the widest range of Playpen Ball sizes available. Smaller Therapy™ Balls for children provide excellent physical support whilst giving more tactile and visual stimulation in a 50mm and 60mm. The standard ball diameter available are the Euro-Plus™ Regular 75mm. We stock a huge range of colours as standard on next day delivery and offer custom colours and printed jobs for events, promotional branded jobs and themed nightclubs/bars.

We never take the quality of our balls for granted. Our Euro-Plus™ Patented Technology (U.S. Patent No. 5320887 and granted Patents in Europa) produces Playpen Balls of a quality recognised as the industry standard all over the world.
During manufacturing, we create an environment harder than any ball pool will every experience. Randomly selected samples often get removed from production and compression tested to 50% of their diameter. The balls are expected to survive at least 20,000 compressions. The strength and survivability of Euro-Plus™ Playpen Balls are second to none.

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