Caroline Sanger-Davies: Speaking at Family Attraction Expo

Caroline Sanger-Davies

Chester Zoo

Collaboration, creativity, and connection to your brand – the key to creating successful new experiences

About Caroline Sanger-Davies

Caroline Sanger-Davies is Director of Marketing at Chester Zoo, and during her five years there has been part of the team which created Islands, the £40m development which opened in 2015, and which has recently launched the zoo’s fifteen year Strategic Development Plan.

Prior to joining the zoo Caroline held senior marketing, communications and operations roles at organisations including Alton Towers and Wales Millennium Centre, and also provided consultancy support for hospitality, leisure and retail businesses. At Chester Zoo she leads the marketing, sales, PR and fundraising teams for the organisation, which in 2016 welcomed 1.9m visitors to the zoo, and delivered conservation programmes across the world.

Creating new experiences is vital to survive in a competitive attractions market. A look at how Chester Zoo used a collaborative approach to create its new Madagascan Play area, which opened earlier this year.

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