The £50M project was granted planning permission by the Doncaster Council on Tuesday, allowing the park to extend into 150 acres adjacent to its site.

Plans for the expansion include the development of new animal reserves, lakes and landscaping as well as a new entrance and car park to cater for the increased visitor capacity that the expansion would generate. Additionally, it will also feature a ‘destination hotel’, various restaurants and a visitor support hub located at the new entrance.

The project is estimated to create 300 jobs - which would double its current workforce, - and would bring in new animals to the park.

"Weighing in favour of the application are benefits associated with the proposal including job creation, economic growth, enhancing an existing tourist attraction and improving ecology and biodiversity,” states the report.

"Highway congestion and safety were principally the main issue of concern raised by the local community and analysis of the solutions proposed has resulted in Doncaster's highways teams raising no objections to the proposal subject to suitably worded conditions and subject to the signing of a section 106 agreement."

Source: Insider Media & BBC News

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