A new study by renowned customer research agency Future Thinking has found that the food and drink offering at visitor attractions is heavily judged by consumers. 67% of people attending museums and visitor attractions found food and drink to be an integral part of their visit, with 59% of visitors expecting premium quality. 

So much is its power of influence over customer decisions that 17% of visitors found the food and drink offering a key deciding factor when considering to visit an attraction a second time.

The study also found that 9/10 visitors research the attraction before attending, of which 35% look at the food and drink options available.

Head of Retail & Leisure at Future Thinking, Noreen Kinsey, said: “Leisure activities remain a cornerstone of a person’s lifestyle. This means attractions have to keep improving their offering, looking for areas to appeal to budget-conscious visitors, but without forgetting that a day out is and should still feel like a treat. It’s a competitive landscape out there, but if you can get your pricing and experience right, you can create a loyal base of visitors who will know they will get a complete, affordable and stress-free experience from you.”

A full copy of the report is available on application to Future Thinking at retail&

Source: Compass Group

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