A revolution in kids snacking – can crisps be healthy?

There is a lot of talk about reducing obesity amongst children in the UK. Primary school kids in the prime time of their life need nutrients and vitamins to stay healthy and to help them focus on learning.

There are many ways to tackle the issue of obesity amongst the school age children, however changing habits of the snacking population will not be easy. 

There is a very satisfying feeling about having a sweet snack after a meal or with a packed lunch, kids love to eat out of the pack and having a treat with their meal.

There is a new, innovative snack on the market that may be an answer to all the issues related to obesity and compulsive snacking. LioBites crisps are freeze-dried fruit pieces and freeze-dried smoothie bites made from real fruit and nothing else. Fresh fruit is picked in season, sliced and frozen very quickly to lock in the nutrients. 98% of the water is evaporated creating nutritious and delicious snack that count as 1 of your 5 a day. 

The founder of LioBites is a mum of 2 girls who was searching for a healthy snack alternative to add to her daughters’ lunch boxes. The brainwave came when she has realised that her younger daughter was picking the freeze-dried fruit out of her cereal bowl. The LioBites idea was born − making kids eat fruit by freeze-drying it and packing in the colourful bags.

Since launching LioBites in March 2018 the comments from customers speak for themselves;  “…Loved these, so nice and flavoursome”. “…Really handy, little healthy snack to carry around in nice size.”. ”..LioBites are delicious! My 2 year old loves them!” 

LioBites come in 6 delicious flavours with the Strawberry, Banana & Apple being the bestsellers. The snacks are low in calories and gluten free, so you could not have asked for more. Perhaps this is the answer to how to keep the kids healthy and happy at the same time. Real fruit, fun packaging and LioBites magic ……

To find out more, visit www.liobites.com

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