Plans for topsy-turvy house in Bournemouth Triangle approved

The eccentric Upside Down House attraction has received planning permission to set up in Bournemouth.

The unusual European attraction boasts “over 1,000,000 visitors in the past several years” at various continental sites.

Operator Upside Down House UK plans to build the temporary eponymous structure in the Triangle events area outside Flirt, with a custom colour scheme to represent the town.

A report by council planning officer Tom Hubbard states: "It will be a little large in the Triangle space and it is a prominent location, but reasonable gaps are left around. The applicants state that it will be in place for approximately nine months.

"The site is within a conservation area (Poole Hill and West Cliff). The proposed development would not be appropriate for permanent siting in this location as it would detract from the space and setting of the Triangle, but for a temporary one year period it would be within the spirit of the intended use of the Triangle space, to enhance the tourism and visitor attraction offer and assist in providing footfall to the area and regenerating this part of the town centre.

"The temporary and unusual nature of the attraction and the tourism benefits therefore outweigh any visual harm."

The attraction will also require permission from the council's events team to use the space, which hosts a number of attractions and events over the course of the year, but has previously been the site of large attractions like the Bournemouth Big Wheel.

Chiefly a photo opportunity, the home will “provide customers with a zero-gravity illusion experience within a safe and family friendly environment”, the firm says. “Walk on the ceiling, reach for the coffee table and capture every moment with our inverted selfie-cam, which can be found in a picture frame surrounded by Hollywood-like mirror lamps."

The attraction proposes to open between 10am and 7pm Monday to Friday and between 10am and 9pm Saturday and Sunday, costing £4 during the week and £5 at weekends. No dates have been set.

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