Grand Opening of Aerial "Snowboards on Wheels"

NEW High Ropes Course in Aspen, Wilrijk, Antwerpen, opened September, 2018. This indoor aerial adventure, installed on poles, features a single course with 10 obstacles hanging 6 meters above ground. It includes the “Death Ride” and “Snowboard on Wheels”.

The ski resort Aspen – Antwerpen is located in Flanders (Vlaanderen) (Belgium). The winter sports area ranges from 16m to 64m elevation. “The most challenging part was the construction under an indoor ski slope. Another challenge: the building itself - Creating the feeling of “green nature” surrounded by concrete structure,” mentioned Axel Vosters, Owner of

With more than 20 years experience, Mamm’out is the leading Belgian designer and builder of adventure parks. Creating custom made aerial adventure projects, with imagination and originality, Mamm'out highlights safety and a respect for the environment. This large indoor ski slope project saw Mamm’out collaborate with Vevrca, Slovenia's premier manufacturer of adventure parks. “With Klemen from Vevrca, we have a very good relationship. This is now the 2nd project that we realize together and there is already a next one waiting. We complement each other perfectly and working together is very relaxing,” notes Vosters.

On-site construction was completed in a scant 6 days with a total budget of €53,000. Both builders are well known for outstanding concept and design work. They create and manufacture most structures in-house, down to the smallest detail before they move onsite and construct the park. Swiss-based Kanopeo GmbH is the exclusive hardware supplier to Aspen. Vosters from Mamm’out selected the Saferoller® continuous belay system because it is safe, cost-effective and features quick assembly and low maintenance.

 “For 2018 we expect Teambuilding, a combination of business and leisure, and many school classes,” mentions An Polfliet, Communications at Aspen. Aspen Ropes Course will be open daily. Ages 10 and up can visit the park.


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