Why Aroma Prime Love Themed Scents For Family Attractions!

Science research has proved that the sense of smell triggers memories and emotions much stronger and more vividly than sight or sound. As a result, Themed Attractions are exceptional vehicles for an emerging trend in marketing called “endorphin branding” – the use of scent as a means of imprinting a positive emotional experience in tandem with a targeted signature scent.

By releasing a targeted scent during the most exciting points of a ride, show or any other exciting experience, Attractions can benefit from sales increase as well as brand loyalty for the venue.

But how do you create “fun,” “excitement” and “thrill?” ...Adding an element of surprise!

Nowdays visitors expect continual innovation and heightened excitement, and themed parks must meet the challenge and add new dimensions of “realism”. 

Even traditional Attractions have various effects which help to complete the experience. A Themed Attraction about dinosaurs can use scents that smell swampy or sulfuric, meanwhile an Attraction about animals can use smells like a horse, fox, wolf, zebra and even unicorn.

Immersive – When making a fun environment for visitors, scents, like no other effect, help build a full and engaging world. The adventures enhanced by aromas are only limited by the depth of imagination of the Attraction.

Way Different –  Attractions are all about having fun, and family and friends can build memories together in the unique atmospheres that Themed Scents create.

Cost Effective – Scents can be one of the lowest cost options to help improve the atmosphere of an Attraction. Just a few carefully placed scent machines can help your Attraction stand out from the crowd and careful positioning can help them run efficiently and effectively.

Emotive – Smell is the most evocative of all the senses, sparking memories and reminisces like no other. Attractions using themed aromas create, without trying, lasting and positive memories for their visitors, plucking on all our emotions!

Capture Attention – Scents are best at capturing a visitor’s attention. Unlike gaudy shocks or noises, a subtly placed scent machine provides visitors of all ages with a positive opening.

Full Sensory Experience – When designing an Attraction, smell is often the forgotten sense. But it is left out at peril! To put visitors truly in the middle of whatever experience you are creating – be it historical, scare, environmental or more – attraction need to cater for all the senses. 

Themed Scents help Family Attractions to attract and enthuse their visitors, making adventures like no other.

Source: Aroma Prime

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