The change in catering attitude

Over the past decade, a phenomenal focus has been placed on what we eat, how we eat and the environments we eat in. An outcome of Britain’s food revolution, this change in attitude has had a significant impact on the catering industry.  

In recent years we’ve seen brands, such as Pieminster, move from market stall to national chain. While traditional restaurants and eateries throughout the UK have had to step up their game to keep pace with the standards set by pop-ups, food markets and street food in general. 

We are all aware of the importance of catering and the revenue streams it can generate for family attractions, but it is often a distraction to where business efforts should be, such as customer experience.  

Yet this doesn’t have to be the case. With the public celebrating mealtimes now more than ever before, the traditional ‘canteen’ can undergo change. For the catering divisions in businesses, public venues and attractions alike, the message is clear: offering quality, nutritious and interesting food options is incredibly important and the gateway to success. 

Is it time for attractions to use this resurgence of mealtimes to compete, by bringing people together, deliver consistently positive dining experiences and nourishing through great tasting, interesting and healthy food.

Due to restricted budgets and a shortage of skilled chefs, delivering these standards can be difficult. Therefore organisations need easy meals, which simplify stock control and kitchen management, while importantly not impacting creativity. 

There should be a balance between flexibility and stability, offering portion control and an element of design, as well as the consistency and reliability needed to run a successful kitchen.

Recognising this will allow attractions to giving dining the focus it deserves without impacting budget and quality. 

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