Interactive Health and Fitness for kids

The World Health Organisation (WHO) states that childhood obesity is considered one of the most serious public health challenges of the 21st century. Globally, around one in 10 young people aged 5–17 years are overweight or obese.

Causes of overweight and obesity can be traced to energy-related behaviours including a reduction in physical activity and sedentary behaviour. The WHO estimates only 21% of adolescents in the UK meet the recommended physical activity levels for health.

Within the attractions and leisure industry Fired Up Technologies has noticed an increase in interest towards installing interactive play options, that can help combat this alarming trend.

Interactive Ball Wall

This immersive and interactive wall makes fun and exercise a real-life video game for kids and adults of all ages. Interactive Ball Wall provides video games where, irrespective of sports abilities, no one is chosen last and everyone wins.

Interactive Ball Wall uses 3D camera vision to detect interactions on the walls and the floors. This detection becomes the ‘input’ for games which are displayed using projection mapping, lighting and sound effects, to become a place to play and a playground for learning.

In an ironic twist, Interactive Ball Wall brings together the very video games which parents fear are ruining kids’ physical health, with physical activity, colourful wall projections and music; to create life-size video games in which kids (and adults) of all ages can become their own action heroes. Players fully interact with each other and wear no special equipment like headsets, to block out the world. 

Augmented Climbing Wall

The Augmented Climbing Wall is the world’s first interactive gaming platform for climbing walls, that uses projected graphics and proprietary body tracking to turn a bouldering wall into a huge interactive surface with fun games and challenging training applications. 

No special equipment is needed for people to enjoy this new technology, which includes a mix of both individual, head to head and team games.

The Augmented Climbing Wall uses advanced motion tracking making the wall highly responsive, accurate and has reliable motion tracking with no wearables needed and can be used with almost any bouldering wall, due to the software automatically mapping the holds on the bouldering wall. 

As a hobby climbing is becoming more and more popular and this technology makes it even more appealing to anyone from complete beginners to experienced climbers looking for a fun challenge. 

If you would like more information regarding either of these products please contact Fired Up Technologies at or 01484 766 670.



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