Two permeant inflatable theme parks are set to open in the UK this month. One in Wales, and the other in Gloucester. This summer, families can look forward to a season of fun, and it’s hoped that the facilities will encourage people to get active.

Firstly, Lunar City opened in Gloucester on June 14th, and will attract children and adults alike for a fun day-out! The park includes a range of slides, tunnels, an inflatable assault course, climbing wall, giant bouncy balls and a child’s area. The course cost £280,000 and took months of designing, with the final product finally being shipped over from China earlier this year. Whilst the local area has enjoyed a few temporary inflatable parks in the past, this permanent course is creating excitement in Gloucester and the surrounding towns.

Limitless Inflata Park opened 4 days later in Swansea, which is the first permanent inflatable theme park in Wales. The park features a giant bouncy castle with a 39-metre assault course, two extreme drop slides and a Total Wipeout-style obstacle course. The park will be suitable for families of all ages and offers an innovative and exciting alternative to facilities in the area.

The site has been totally transformed and was devised by the owners of Limitless Trampoline Park – who were also the first Trampoline Park to open in the City. Limitless Director Peter Bowyer told Wales Online “we have been on the look-out for the next opportunity to develop and expand our site” and they are excited to bring the first theme park of this kind to Wales! 

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