National Farm Attractions Network (NFAN)

Over 20 million visits are made annually to farm attractions, and the National Farm Attractions Network (NFAN) is at the heart of this growing sector of the tourism industry.
Encouraging best practice and knowledge sharing, NFAN proactively update members on the latest HSE advice, represent the farm attraction industry at government meetings, run events and provide ongoing support and guidance.
In 2012, the National Farm Attractions Network assisted the HSE in creating the Industry Code of Practice, which provides guidelines on how visitors to farm and rural attractions should interact with animals. NFAN now help members interpret the guidelines with workshops and one-on-one member discussions. NFAN has also produced a helpful video demonstrating best practice.
In 2018 NFAN launched the Animal Attraction Assured certification scheme. An annual audit conducted by Kiwa Agri Food certifies compliance with the Industry Code of Practice. Certified farm parks are already seeing the benefits the reassurance of certification provides to visitors and through reduced insurance premiums.
The farm parks and rural attractions sector is growing as more and more people discover the delights of a family day out at a local farm park. NFAN has 200 farm and rural attraction members who welcome millions of visitors each year and host thousands of school visits. NFAN members come in all shapes and sizes including farm shops, garden centres and other rural venues who have play areas and farm animal enclosures. NFAN welcomes members who are thinking of developing the visitor attraction side of their business.
NFAN also has an active trade members section and organises an annual conference and trade show each year for suppliers to the industry to showcase their products and services to members.
If you run a farm park or rural attraction or are thinking of starting one, NFAN would love to hear from you.

Stand Number: FR773